Bring your play or show to life with a set of vibrant props and carefully constructed pieces made from wood. We’re scenic carpenters that can create realistic looking sets, frameworks, and stage enhancements that can bring any show to life and give it a realistic look that you’ll be proud to show off.

We Follow Specific Directions

One of the major benefits of working with a good set of scenic carpenters is that they understand how to follow very specific directions. It takes real skill and precision to create a set that looks exactly as it should. Our team understands how to make this happen and will follow along with a set of directions very closely. This ensures that you get the results that you are looking for in the end.

Functional Creations

The set items created don’t just look nice, many of them function as well. For instance, a set of stairs will be usable to go up and down on the set. This makes more realistic plays and shows possible and really adds something special to an event.

Working with a Range of Materials

Scenic carpenters must be able to work with a range of wood types to create a nice looking and functional piece of scenery. They’ll make heavy use of plywood, and other materials like standard 2”x4” s, beams and other major pieces of lumber.

Built with Efficiency

Generally, most set items are built back in the shop and then transported where they are needed. This allows the projects to be finished faster and makes it possible to quote lower prices for tasks.

Up Front Pricing

Most set projects aren’t obvious about how long they will take, but our company relies on a standard pricing model, making it simple for the workers to predict just how much a project is going to cost to complete, or to give you a pricing framework to go with.

If you have a set that needs building, get in touch with our team and we’ll get started bringing your show to life.