Carpenter James Roofing

Carpenter James Roofing is a carpenter based in Andalusia, Alabama. Read below to learn more about Carpenter James Roofing and get REAL reviews from past clients. Have your own review of Carpenter James Roofing from Andalusia, Alabama that you’d like to post publicly? We’d love to have it on the site after we verify its authenticity, scroll down and post your review below!

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Gray’s Roofing and Tree Service

Gray’s Roofing and Tree Service is a carpentry, roofing, gutter and tree services contractor based in Alabaster, Alabama. Read below to learn more about Gray’s Roofing and Tree Service and get REAL reviews from past clients. Have your own review of Gray’s Roofing and Tree Service from Alabaster, Alabama that you’d like to post publicly? We’d love to have it on the site after we verify its authenticity, scroll down and post your review below!

Green Carpenters Near Me

Green Carpenters

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Green carpenters are increasing in popularity as concern grows for the environment. They are basically environmentally conscientious builders that understand the most modern ways to build and how to reduce their waste in many ways throughout the building process. If you are at all concerned about the environment, it makes a lot of sense to work with these experts while having a project built. Our team is carefully trained in green building technologies and can help bring them to your next project.

Lower Waste Production

Construction waste is a huge contributor to landfills, and it’s important to learn how to reduce this byproduct of building. There are several different ways to do so, and our team understands the most effective recycling, reusing and waste reduction practices available. While we can’t promise that we will do away with all building waste, we’ll reduce the overall amount notably so that you can feel better about the project overall.

Install Green Products Effectively

Our green carpenters understand how to put down natural carpets, low-VOC materials and how to make use of salvaged or recycled materials. They understand what it takes to build without a huge environmental footprint and can help make your home or business into a more earth-conscious place. If you’re concerned about the environment and want to reduce your impact, consider working with our team to get the job done with less damage.

Bolster Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of working with a green carpenter is that you can make your home more energy efficient. These experts know about working with more highly insulated objects and how to build to minimize heating and cooling requirements. They can explain some of the concepts to you, and make sure that you understand just what the benefits of their practices are to your home or business.

Heavily Trained

Each of our green carpenters has gone through extensive training to make them more environmentally aware and to help them understand how meet the needs of an environmentally conscious client.

If you’re concerned about the environment and need some building done, call us to learn what your green options are.

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Luthier Carpenters Near Me

Luthier Carpenters

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String instruments are beautiful and feature a unique sound that you can’t get from anything else. They’re crafted with precision and must be kept in excellent condition to continue functioning properly. If you’re interested in making use of one of these instruments, you should be prepared to take good care of it. If you do run into problems, and you likely will at some point, any serious damage must be addressed by luthier carpenters. These are the experts that work on string instruments, and they understand how to preserve their sound while making necessary repairs on them.

Working with Care

A standard carpenter may be able to address common damage on a string instrument, but that person wont’ have the same level of knowledge of how a string instrument works as a luthier does. When our luthier experts work on your instrument, they only make decisions that will fix the problem while preserving the function of the instrument. That means that you can continue to enjoy the good rich sound produced by your cello, by your violin or your viola without worry.

Resolve Common Repairs

Even high quality string instruments take damage over time. To continue enjoying them for years to come, you should address that damage as soon as possible. That usually means paying an expert to come in and make the necessary repairs on them for you. If you are having trouble with your instrument, bring it to our luthiers and they’ll evaluate the problem and let you know what needs to be done. You can opt to have the repairs completed or leave your instrument the way it is after getting help.

Help with a Modification

There are times when you might want to modify your perfectly functioning string instrument. Perhaps you want to add an additional string, maybe you would like to change the shape, or add on a holder or a strap fastener or something. Even simple modifications take care and should be completed by a good luthier. Bring your instruments to our team and get the modifications made without hurting the integrity of your instrument in the process.

Call us today and learn get your string instrument repaired properly.

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Restoration Carpenters Near Me

Restoration Carpenters

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Restoration carpenters are experts at restoring old home or furniture back to life. There’s something particularly beautiful about an ornamental Victorian home brought back to life, and it’s something that many people want to have in their lives. If you have an older home or an old piece of furniture that you want restored to its proper function and look, a good restoration carpenter is exactly what you need for the job. Our team of restoration carpenters is made up of highly skilled professionals with years of experience tackling different restoration jobs, and they’re capable of handling most common restoration task today.

Preserve Old Style and Building Technique

Our restoration experts will work hard to preserve all the old ornamentation, and the building style that makes the homes so great. Using joinery and often older hardware, or antique fittings, our carpenters can keep that old charm alive with modern-day items that function and last a bit more effectively.

Repair Antique Furniture

Not only does antique furniture often offer a high value to its owner, but it’s beautiful and a reminder to times past. If you have some antique furniture that’s clearly showing its age, you don’t have to get rid of it, instead a restoration expert can take the piece and bring it back to life once again. Through careful sanding, staining, painting and replacement techniques, our team can take your old furniture and make it functional and beautiful once again.

Restore an Old Home

It takes great skill and care to bring an old home back to life while preserving its original character. This often means making repairs to very old décor or working hard to make precision-match replacement accents to put up around your home. Our skilled restoration carpenters have the necessary skills and tools to bring one room of your home after another back to life and to make it look like it did in previous years. It’s a beautiful process to behold, and something that you can be proud of for years after the work is complete.

Whether you have an older home or piece of furniture, we can help bring it back to life. Call us today to find out how that’s possible.


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Carpenters Near Me


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Homeowners can always rely on Contractors Today to provide experienced carpentry services and the team specializes in framing, trim and finishing services as well as a wide array of other services including baseboards and crown molding, cabinet replacement, window and door installation and much more. Whether you are building a home or need home repairs in an existing structure, we are the company who will get the job done for you and will take care of it the right way so that your carpentry project will exceed all your expectations. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

FREE quote from licensed carpenters

Find a professional carpenter here on Contractors Today and get your next carpentry project started!

Carpenters Information

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Pressure Treated Wood Builders Near Me

Pressure Treated Wood Builders

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When building something outside it’s important to rely on pressure treated wood because it holds up to weathering more effectively. It works well for decks, picnic tables, gazebos and most other outdoor structures. It doesn’t matter if you need something for business purposes or for your home, finding a good expert to construct something for you out of pressure treated wood makes all the difference. We’re builders that understand how to work with pressure treated wood and make the most of the material. We can help you achieve your building goals.

Long Lasting Structures

Pressure treated wood is a durable material that’s designed to hold up well in harsh weather conditions. If you’re worried about your deck or your other outdoor projects rotting or wearing out, it’s best to have them built from treated wood right in the beginning.


Whether you have broken fence panels, a deck that needs replacing or minor issues around your home, our skilled builders understand how to make wood-based repairs and fix most issues that are going wrong.

Custom Projects

It doesn’t matter what type of project you want completed, our experienced construction team has the expertise to help get it done. We’ll build decks, tree houses, sheds, playgrounds and just about anything else. No matter what you want completed, if the project relies on treated wood we can probably help you accomplish it.

Professional Service Providers

It’s a relief to be in the hands of professionals when it comes to getting work done. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the finished product, or handling all the small details of the job. We’ll take care of all those things for you, so that you can focus on enjoying your free time and the finished project when it is all done in the end.

Affordable Pricing

While doing a custom project build is never cheap, it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Our company offers affordable labor and will have your project finished fast without costing too much in the process. If you are worried about handling a project yourself, and you don’t want to pay too much to get it done, consider working with us.

Call today to get our help with your next project.

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Trim Carpenters Near Me

Trim Carpenters

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While trim often isn’t considered as a regular component of home improvement projects, it makes a big difference and projects don’t look complete without it in most instances. Take windows for example. A brand-new window will help improve the look of your home and keep cold out, but it won’t look its best until window trim is added around the sides. The same is true for floors, doors and many other projects around the home.

Find Precision Professionals

It’s important to work with skilled professionals when having trim installed in your home. That’s because this is the stuff that’s going to make the rest of your project look nice. Our trim team is made up of experienced experts that know how to make precision cuts and install small trim material without defects. They’ll help put the finishing touches on your home improvement projects and give you a space that you can be proud of.

Window Trim

Good window trim goes nicely with the windows that you have put on your home while also making them more effective at keeping the weather out. Once installed on your house, the trim of your windows will really enhance your home’s exterior and keep moisture away from windows as well.

Our team of professional installers carefully puts different trim types in place to frame windows, and adds a layer of protective caulk behind the trim to keep moisture out. This acts as an additional barrier for your windows and

Door Trim

Door trim is a nice finish that’s necessary to make your doors look complete. It’s often made from wood, vinyl or composite and is installed with a caulk layer to keep moisture out. Not only does trim look nice and give doors a finished appearance, but when installed properly it also helps to keep the weather out and keep doors in good shape over time. It’s a worthwhile investment that you can make for your home.

Baseboard and Molding

Baseboard and ceiling molding is important for two reasons. The first is that it helps cover up any paint streaks and imperfections around the edges of the ceiling itself. We can install different baseboard and molding trims efficiently in most rooms around a home or business.

Custom Project Trim

Home improvement projects aren’t the only things that require trim and we understand that. Our team can help with all your trim needs and can even apply different trim types to your custom projects. Whether you are building a shed, constructing a grandfather clock, or remodeling your business, we’ll help trim out your project and cover up any defects along the way.

Call us and get help with your trim projects today.

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Redwood Deck Builders Near Me

Redwood Deck Builders

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There’s nothing like the beauty of a sturdy redwood deck. It’s a project that will last decades, it’s something that you can enjoy each and every day, and the deck will be a source of pride for you as well. We offer deck building services and work regularly with redwood planks, crafting custom decks for both business and home owners. No matter how large or small your deck is, we can help get you through the project.

Solid Construction

A good solid deck is something that you can rely on. We use the most durable building techniques to put our decks together. Hurricane ties are mounted at the bottom of the joists, bolts are used to hold large sections together and overall our finished decks feel very durable. If you’re looking for a reliable deck that is going to hold up, even when many people are using it at once, you can depend on our redwood decks.

Weather Resistant

Decks are subjected to harsh sunlight, rain and sometimes snow throughout the year. Eventually they will begin to wear down and take real damage. Redwood is a good material to rely on for decking, because it’s known for holding up really well over time. It will weather, but it will weather more slowly than most other wood types, which is a real positive.

Minimal Maintenance

Since you can rely on the natural finish of redwood without painting or staining it, there isn’t so much maintenance to contend with. You won’t have to spend too much time sanding the deck down or treated it against the weather. Sure it will begin to wear down over time, but it will last quite a while before it needs any type of maintenance to get it into good shape once again.

Stop trying to handle your deck project yourself. Call us up and we’ll get to work on your next project for you.

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Finish Carpenters Near Me

Finish Carpenters

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Most home improvement tasks aren’t complete without a nice custom finish at the end. It doesn’t matter how nice the windows, doors or flooring is that you have put in your home. The result won’t look complete without a good custom finish applied around it.

Window and Door Trim

Windows and doors aren’t complete without high quality trim installed around them. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your home’s windows and doors, our installers can put a custom finish around them to help make them really stand out. No matter what type of wood or composite material you want added around your windows, we can install it with precision so that it looks nice for years afterward.


Moldings are a beautiful finishing touch that should be added to every room of the home, unfortunately they must be installed with precision to look good. We install a range of molding options from the more standard thin installations, to luxurious crown that will stand out in your home and really give it that upscale look you’re going for.


Nothing completes a room quite like baseboard does. Hide flooring imperfections dress up your living space and really help make that kitchen or living room pop with good quality baseboard installation. All the baseboard we use is of a high grade, and we’ll make sure that any imperfections in your home are hidden with care, giving you a more beautiful floor to look at.

Paneling Installation

Our team of experienced installers can put in a range of different types of paneling into your home. Create a more modern or interesting look using a luxurious paneling material rather than the standard sheetrock that’s used in homes around the country.

If your home needs some finishing work, or you have an upcoming construction project that needs completing, give us a call to get the help you need today.

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