Roofing is the layer that protects your home from weather and the elements. Unfortunately, roofing does not last forever, and if you buy a home or business that’s used, you should expect to have to replace the roofing at some point. This is a huge job and something that’s best left up to professionals, but some companies and homeowners do tackle the project by themselves. If you want the very best results, consider hiring roof replacement contractors like us to handle the task.

Roof Inspection

It’s common for business and home owners to believe that they need a full roof replacement when they only have a minor problem that needs taking care of. We’ll travel to your location and look at your roof to determine what the problem is and whether you require a full replacement, a minor repair or something in between.

Roof Removal

90 percent of a roof replacement project is the removal. Taking out old roofing isn’t a fun job, but it’s a necessary one. We have heavy-duty equipment that helps speed up the removal process and makes it more efficient overall. We’ll quickly peel away the old layers and recycle or trash the roofing, to make way for the new material to be installed.


More than half the work of a good installation is preparation. A solid vapor barrier serves as a second layer of protection for a roof underneath the roofing material. We’ll remove any old or worn out protective papers and layers and put down fresh material that’s going to be more reliable and likely to last for a long time.

Professional Roof Installation

With all the preparation complete, we’ll move on to completing the actual roofing installation. During the installation, we’ll fasten the roofing materials into place and seal them as we go. We’ll utilize high quality tools to speed up the installation process, but we’ll rely on proven techniques that keep the whole roof reliable once the project is finished.