Restoration carpenters are experts at restoring old home or furniture back to life. There’s something particularly beautiful about an ornamental Victorian home brought back to life, and it’s something that many people want to have in their lives. If you have an older home or an old piece of furniture that you want restored to its proper function and look, a good restoration carpenter is exactly what you need for the job. Our team of restoration carpenters is made up of highly skilled professionals with years of experience tackling different restoration jobs, and they’re capable of handling most common restoration task today.

Preserve Old Style and Building Technique

Our restoration experts will work hard to preserve all the old ornamentation, and the building style that makes the homes so great. Using joinery and often older hardware, or antique fittings, our carpenters can keep that old charm alive with modern-day items that function and last a bit more effectively.

Repair Antique Furniture

Not only does antique furniture often offer a high value to its owner, but it’s beautiful and a reminder to times past. If you have some antique furniture that’s clearly showing its age, you don’t have to get rid of it, instead a restoration expert can take the piece and bring it back to life once again. Through careful sanding, staining, painting and replacement techniques, our team can take your old furniture and make it functional and beautiful once again.

Restore an Old Home

It takes great skill and care to bring an old home back to life while preserving its original character. This often means making repairs to very old décor or working hard to make precision-match replacement accents to put up around your home. Our skilled restoration carpenters have the necessary skills and tools to bring one room of your home after another back to life and to make it look like it did in previous years. It’s a beautiful process to behold, and something that you can be proud of for years after the work is complete.

Whether you have an older home or piece of furniture, we can help bring it back to life. Call us today to find out how that’s possible.