Electricians are one of the most important trade professionals when it comes to maintaining a home, or building a new one. There the ones that ensure power goes to all the right locations around the home. If you’re planning an expansion to your house, you want to upgrade your current electrical systems, or you just want to add fans, a pool pump and other additions to your house, you need to hire a good electrician to help you with the job. We’re a team of residential electricians and can handle most electrical tasks in and around a home.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are a common addition to homes, and we can put new fans in, help with upgrading to a new fan or adding one in a location that’s never had one before. Whatever it is that you need, we can help with the task.

Swimming Pool Wiring

Swimming pools often require filter pumps, but some people decide to heat their swimming pools as well. We can lay the wiring to power your pump as well as a heating system if that is something that you want installed around your home.

Electrical Service Repair or Upgrade

The electrical service panel that runs to your home is responsible for providing power to all the rest of the house. We can help upgrade your panel to a more powerful level of service for hooking up extras in your home like an additional electrical appliance, air conditioning systems, or a hot tub heater. We can also make any necessary repairs to existing service if there is a problem.

Wire Replacement

Over time wiring goes bad, and it needs to be replaced. When that may be the case in your home, we can help get new wiring into your home so that your electricity functions properly once again. Old wiring is dangerous and a potential fire hazard, so let us help you replace it.

Wire Installation

Whether you’re adding on to your home, or you are just adding additional appliances or outlets to existing areas of your home, we can help run new power wires through your home exactly where you need them.

If you’re in need of some electrical services at your home, contact us for help today.