There’s nothing like the beauty of a sturdy redwood deck. It’s a project that will last decades, it’s something that you can enjoy each and every day, and the deck will be a source of pride for you as well. We offer deck building services and work regularly with redwood planks, crafting custom decks for both business and home owners. No matter how large or small your deck is, we can help get you through the project.

Solid Construction

A good solid deck is something that you can rely on. We use the most durable building techniques to put our decks together. Hurricane ties are mounted at the bottom of the joists, bolts are used to hold large sections together and overall our finished decks feel very durable. If you’re looking for a reliable deck that is going to hold up, even when many people are using it at once, you can depend on our redwood decks.

Weather Resistant

Decks are subjected to harsh sunlight, rain and sometimes snow throughout the year. Eventually they will begin to wear down and take real damage. Redwood is a good material to rely on for decking, because it’s known for holding up really well over time. It will weather, but it will weather more slowly than most other wood types, which is a real positive.

Minimal Maintenance

Since you can rely on the natural finish of redwood without painting or staining it, there isn’t so much maintenance to contend with. You won’t have to spend too much time sanding the deck down or treated it against the weather. Sure it will begin to wear down over time, but it will last quite a while before it needs any type of maintenance to get it into good shape once again.

Stop trying to handle your deck project yourself. Call us up and we’ll get to work on your next project for you.