One of the biggest causes of noise pollution is the freeways and roadways spreading throughout America. That’s because the vehicle tires put off a great deal of noise as they roll over the paved surfaces. The low hum that you hear while motoring along in your car, is a much louder noise on the outside of the vehicle, and the overall sound is a major nuisance when you add all the different vehicles in traffic together.

Many cities go to great lengths to dampen this noise down, but what if cities didn’t have to worry about erecting noise barriers, placing roads far away from living spaces and making special accommodations to all the sound that roadways put out? There is a material that’s available today that helps reduce the need for all these measures, and it’s known as quiet pavement.

What is Quiet Pavement?

Quiet pavement is slightly porous pavement. During the mixing process, some of the aggregate that’s used in smooth asphalt is left out. This leaves small gaps in the material that helps prevent the sound waves from bouncing back up off the road as cars drive by. The result is a much quieter driving experience and less need to worry about dampening driving noises for nearby cities.

How to Get Quiet Pavement?

There are a select number of companies that are currently offering this road paving technology, and having it put into your town, city or private community is as simple as getting in touch with one of these organizations and working out an installation agreement. There are companies across the country, but you’ll have to take the time to track

Is it a Worthwhile Investment?

Quiet pavement is a worthwhile investment for some people, but not all. It’s useful for major cities or roadways that are positioned near living spaces. By investing in this new type of paving cities and towns can save dramatically on noise barriers and other solutions to keep roadway sounds trapped and away from the local communities. These roads can save a great deal of money in the right situations.

If you believe that quiet pavement is a good solution for your needs, call our company to learn about how to get quieter roads in your location.