Questions To Ask Your Concrete Driveway Contractor Before Getting Started


Hiring concrete driveway contractors is not something you do often. Chances are that you have never done it. And if you have, it was probably quite some time ago. Therefore, you simply have no idea who is the best concrete driveway contractor in your area.

The main reasons why most people are not satisfied with the driveway contractor they hired are poor communications, unforeseen costs, and contractors failing to meet their expectations. Fortunately, by asking the right questions, you will gauge the quality of a driveway contractor and learn what to expect from them.

How long have you been in business?

Concrete driveway contractors that have been in the business for long tend to provide better services. Over the years, they have worked on many different projects, so they will know how to handle the challenges your driveway project may present. Also, they have acquired a lot of industry knowledge so they know the best installation methods and techniques. They have also (most likely) reinvested the profits they have made to hire professionals and buy the latest driveway concreting equipment.

The longer they have been in the business, the better.

What projects are you currently handling in this area?

Yours should not be the first driveway project they are handling in your area. A reputable contractor should have projects that are currently running or recently completed. Ask to visit their project sites. The visits will give you a good idea of the kind of equipment they use, the kind of installation teams they dispatch to homes, and the quality of work they can provide.

Can you provide references?

You may not have the time to visit their project sites. But, you definitely can find some time to call their previous customers. A good contractor will be more than willing to provide references. Contact them and ask them about their experience with the contractor and if they are happy with their driveway so far. The most important question to ask the references is whether they would rehire the driveway contractor.

What certifications do you have?

Just like you are required to provide certifications in a job interview, ask for certifications before hiring a concrete driveway contractor. To receive the certification, the contractor had to prove that they have a certain level of knowledge and expertise in concrete work. Ask for ACI and ICPI certifications.

Are you insured?

Never work with a contractor that is not insured. The contractor should have workman’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance. The latter covers any damages made by the contractor to your property. Workman’s compensation insurance compensates the injuries incurred by the workers as they work on your property. The lack of it could result in an injured worker filing a lawsuit against you.

The driveway contractor should not just state that they are insured and bonded, they should provide proof. The insurance policies should be active and the insurance amount sufficient.

Are you bonded?

Some states do not require driveway contractors to be bonded. However, do not hire a contractor that is not bonded. The bond amount compensates you should the contractor fail to fulfill their obligations.

How much will it cost to install the driveway?

The answer to this question proves the professionalism, legitimacy, and credibility of a driveway contractor. If the contractor is ready to give you a figure without visiting the site, then that reflects negatively on them. Concrete works are not quantified per square foot. Many things affect the price. The contractor needs to assess the site to determine the amount of concrete needed and the extent of site preparation needed and many other requirements

The contractor should only answer this question after the project site visit.

What is included in the quote?

The main source of disagreements between clients and contractors are hidden charges. These charges arise from unforeseen challenges and poor communication between the two parties. When they provide you with the quote, ask what is included in the quote and get it in writing for future reference. Ask the contractor about the potential challenges on your site that could require you to pay extra fees.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, is the answer you are looking for. Would it not be frustrating to see cracks just a week after installation? Concrete driveway contractors can guarantee their work up for to three years. That means that they, for free, repair any damages on the driveway not caused by negligence on your part within the warranty period.

Find concrete driveway contractors near you..

Do you know where to find concrete driveway contractors in your locality? It’s simple. Visit this page and select your state. From the drop-down menu, select your area, and on the next page, you will see a list of concrete driveway contractors near you. Before choosing any contractor from the list, ask the questions above.