Questions To Ask Your Carpet Installer Before Getting Started


When it comes to carpet installation, hiring a carpet installer is by far the better choice compared to DIY carpet installation. But, hiring a carpet installer is not as easy as you think. There are many carpet installation companies near you.

So, how do you find the best carpet installers?

The answer is simple – asking the right questions. Through these questions, you establish an installer’s knowledgeability and experience in the carpeting industry.

What is your carpet installation experience?

It takes time to master the carpet installation process and to learn the different techniques of carpet installation. Experienced carpet installers have certified technicians and modern carpet installation tools. Over the years they have acquired hands-on experience with different types of carpets. Therefore, they are in a better position to offer good advice on the right carpet type for your house.

The answer you want to hear is ten years and above.

Are you licensed?

Of course, you want to hear that they are licensed. Please note that some states do not require contractors to be licensed. But if you are in a state where the law requires contractors to be licensed, verify the licensing to avoid potential fines.

The thing is, licensing proves that the carpet installer knows what they are doing. Before issuing of licenses, the state examines the carpet installer to ensure that they have a certain level of knowledge in the industry.

Are you certified?

Carpet installation is not just about rolling out the carpet and padding and sticking them to the floor. Flooring and carpeting knowledge is required. To get certified, carpet installers have to pass certain exams offered by institutions such as CFI and IICRC. Click here to find CFI certified carpet installers near you.

Do you give references?

The best way to know if a contractor is as good as they claim is by talking to their previous customers. If they are confident in their services, they will readily give you the contacts. The fact that they are giving references is an indicator of professionalism. But, make sure that you actually contact these customers. Ask about their experience with the carpet installation company and if they would hire the contractor again.

Are you bonded and insured?

Never allow any contractor to work on your property if they are not insured and bonded. Should the contractor damage anything when working on your property, the general liability insurance covers it. You should also make sure that they have workman’s compensation insurance. The lack of it could lead to endless lawsuits should a worker get injured on your premises.

Bonding is a form of insurance that covers you should work be done unsatisfactorily. If the contractor refuses to complete the work, you have the right to make a claim against the bond.

Do you send an in-house estimator?

For carpet jobs, it is difficult to provide an accurate quote. Very few people can accurately estimate the area of a space. Carpet installers provide accurate quotes by sending an estimator to measure the space you want the carpet installed. It is during this in-house assessment that the estimator draws the seaming diagram, which assists in determining the amount of seam tape needed, and the amount of carpet and padding needed.

The in-house assessment should be free and non-obligatory. Avoid companies that are not ready to send an estimator and a company that is charging the in-house assessment.

What is included in the quote?

To avoid the surprise and frustration of unforeseen costs, ask what the quoted price covers. Most of the time, the quoted price will cover the installation, the carpet, the padding, and the materials needed for installation. Ask if they will charge extra for moving furniture. Most installers will move furniture for free. However, if the furniture is fragile or too heavy, you will have to move it yourself.

For more insight on the price, you should expect to pay for carpet installation, refer to this article.

How long will it take to install the carpet?

This question is important as you need to be present when the carpet installation crew arrives at your premises and when they leave. Most of the time residential carpet installation takes less than a day. But, should the job be so large that it requires more than a day, you need to know so that you can make the necessary arrangements.

Which carpet is the best carpet?

You probably have the style, fabric, and pattern in mind for your ideal carpet. But, you should seriously consider the recommendations of the carpet installer as they have more experience in the carpeting industry. Ask about the best carpet to install in your space, and why they are recommending it.

Here, at Contractors Today, we have listings of carpet installers in all 50 states. These questions will help you choose the best carpet installer from our lists.