Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Architect

Hiring an architect isn’t simple and there are certain questions that you should ask this professional before you even consider employing them. Below is an outline of the ten most important questions to ask before hiring. Ask any prospective architect each one of them before you make any moves.



You can use a well-known resource like the Applied Technology Council to help you track these professionals down, then ask the questions.

Are You Licensed?

One of the very first questions that you should ask any architect is whether they are licensed. You only want to work with licensed architects because they are the ones with the experience and credentials to do your job properly.

Do You Have Experience?

Obviously, an architect has experience designing homes, but it’s important to ask about what sort of related experience the architect has. If you need a programming office building constructed, you want to hire an architect that has designed buildings for other computer related companies in the past as well.

When Can You Start?

Some architects have a huge backlog of work, especially the good ones. If you don’t want to wait months before getting started on your construction project, it’s important that you find out exactly when the professional is available to start working for you.

What is Your Fee?

Every architect has a different project fee. Ask to find out exactly what it is for every architect that you are considering. This helps you avoid hiring the one architect that charges twice as much as everyone else does.

Do You Have Experience with Sustainable Architecture?

If sustainability or efficiency are important to you, this is a good question to ask. Make sure the architect knows how to help you create the most sustainable building possible.

Are You Interested in This Project?

Start off by asking the architect if he or she has any interest in your project and if it would be a priority to the firm. Smaller projects tend to get put on the back burner and you want someone that is going to be able to focus on your work.

How are You Different?

Ask right from the start how this architect is different from others. Have the professional explain what sets his firm apart from competitors.

Can I See Examples of Past Work?

Find out if the architect is willing to show off past examples or not. If not, you should really think about moving on to someone else instead.

How Long Will My Project Take?

Ask the architect straight up how long he believes the project will take from start to finish. This lets you know what sort of timeline you can expect from him.

Will there be Additional Fees If the Scope Changes?

Find out how fees are determined and what sort of changes to the project could increase the fees charged. This is always important to find out because most projects have at least a few changes to them.

Neve hire an architect without taking the time to sit down with them and talk for a minute. Just a couple minutes of conversation will likely tell you everything you need to know about whether the professional can help you and if he or she is the right person for your specific job.

Ask each of these questions before hiring the architect and you’ll understand whether they are a good fit or not. Of course, you’ll probably have some more specific questions about your project, and those are good to ask as well, just make sure that you don’t ask too few questions. Learn what you can about the architect and only hire them when you are confident you’ll get the results you want.

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