Qualities That Make The Best Asphalt Contractors

Areas paved with asphalt such as parking lots, driveways, industrial parks, and pavements are important to a business or a home. Your customers enjoy parking and walking on a well-maintained and visually-appealing surface. Similarly, home owners should mind how their driveways look. First impressions last, and your driveway is the first thing visitors see when they come to your home.


Asphalt contractors provide resurfacing and repair of asphalt paving and also construct new surfaces using asphalt. With asphalt, you want a smooth black finish that will last for decades. Only a professional contractor can provide that. So, how do you identify the best asphalt contractors? Here are the top qualities to look for.


Reputation is the most important quality of a contractor. A reputable company is one that has many new and repeat customers. Do previous customers recommend the services of the contractor? The company you want to hire should provide you with references. You can also view previous customer testimonials on their websites.
Apart from testimonials, you should go online and look for reviews of the company in business review websites such as Consumer Affairs, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau. The reputation of a contractor represents their ability to deliver quality services effectively and efficiently.


Most of the time, experience and reputation go together. An experienced contractor will have handled a wide range of varying asphalt projects. For that reason, they know the best industry practices in asphalt mixing and laying. They also know where and how to get the best materials. They are also in a better position to recommend ways of extending the longevity of asphalt paving.
You can simply ask the contractor how long they have been in business. That information can also be available on their website. A good contractor is proud of their work. To demonstrate their experience, they will provide you with a project portfolio with details and photos of their completed projects.


With experience and reputation, reliability is almost always assured. A reliable contractor is one that fulfills commitments. Such a contractor will not be late for an in-house assessment of, say, a pavement repair project. Similarly, such a contractor will complete the project in a timely manner.
Reliable contractors are results-driven. They care more about the delivery and performance than procedures. So, should the scope of work change, they will accommodate the changes and price them fairly. From the customer testimonials and the references, you can judge how reliable, fair, and reasonable a contractor is.


The best asphalt contractors are resourceful in the sense that they have the right asphalt paving equipment, and have employed adequate employees that are trained and certified. A resourceful contractor does not just have the right equipment – their equipment is above average industry standards and employs the latest technologies. The right resources are needed to build and finish asphalt projects that appeal to clients and last long.
It is quite easy to determine how resourceful a contractor is. Pay a visit to their office and ask about their working process.

Good communication

The most important aspect of communication is responsiveness. A contractor might be perfect in other areas, but if they are not responsive, project delivery might be affected. You should be able to easily reach the asphalt contractor and their staff, especially the project manager, in the entirety of the project. Aside from a phone number, good contractors provide other avenues of communication such as email and chat when you visit their website.

Fair pricing

Cost is a major factor when finding an asphalt contractor, or any other contractor. As much as you are trying to find the best contractor, you do not want a project to go beyond your budget. Contractors provide potential clients with quotes. To receive a very accurate quote you should provide the contractor with detailed information about the project. A good contractor will provide a detailed quote indicating the cost of every element of the project. Where there are alternatives, they will indicate them so that you can select options that fit your budget.
Get quotes from different contractors so that you can determine the average cost of your project. Remember, low costs are always associated with poor services.

Where to find the best asphalt contractors

It is undisputable that, asphalt needs to be designed, poured, built and finished by a contractor that knows what they are doing. Here at Contractors Today, we help you find the best contractor near you. The contractors we recommend, are reliable, experienced, innovative, resourceful, and have a good track record. Find a local contractor here, and you can be assured they will get the job done and you will be happy with the results.