Protecting Your Pool During Winter Cold

The winter is one of the times of the year where pools can go through some serious damage if they’re not properly closed. Due to this, many people must consider the ways that the pool should be winterized before the cold winds blow through and the water starts to form into ice.

Here are some tips and tricks to make sure that your pool makes it through the winter cold so that you can continue to use it when the warmer weather comes rolling back around.

Winterizing the Pool in Your Yard

  • Start winterizing the pool one week before closing it down for the season
  • Make sure that the filter is backwashed thoroughly so that everything is cleaned out
  • Use shock and chlorine to clean the pool before shutting it down
  • Thoroughly vacuum the bottom and sides of the pool so that the debris are all removed
  • Cover the pool using a pillow and a solar cover that prevents the ice and snow from getting into the pool
  • Manage the water level so that it does not overflow or break when the water becomes too cold

There are many ways to protect your pool during the winter months. Those with smaller pools sometimes choose to empty the pool and then refill it come warm weather. If you have a larger pool, then you want to make sure that you winterize and not empty.

The winterizing that is done for the pool that you have depends on the area you live in and the type of pool. Specific measures should be taken for specific pools, but these instructions are given when the pool is installed in your yard.

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