Preventing Water Damage to Hardwood Floors

When the floors in your home are made from wood, you want to make sure that you can protect them as much as possible. The water can cause them to warp with time and this can be unsightly when they start to break down. Protect the wood that is on your floors when using these tips to do so.

  • Make sure that everyone takes their boots and shoes off outside of the wood flooring, since this can cause a lot of problems. You do not want these items to sit on the wooden floors, either so provide padding if the shoes must come in on it.
  • Make sure to wipe up spills or other water marks that might happen on the floor as soon as you notice them to prevent any damage from happening.
  • Add sealant and reinforce it as much as possible and to ensure that it seals off any moisture that might happen to seep into the cracks and crevices of the floor boards.
  • Make sure to control the humidity within the home, since this can also cause the boards to wear down with time. Too much humidity will make the wood hold onto this moisture and cause further problems.
  • Make sure that all the plumbing that runs through that room is not broken and that it is well maintained to prevent any leaks that might happen in the room and on the floor.

If you do find that the wood floors need to be sanded down and refinished, then speak with a professional woodworking contractor that is able to come out and provide the help that is needed. You should be able to have the best-looking floors but sometimes help is required to refinish them and have them looking the best that they can look.

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