Preventing Attic Heat Loss This Winter

The attic is one of the points in the home where heat loss can occur throughout the colder winter months. There are ways to reduce this heat loss to ensure that you not only lower your monthly energy bills, but also that you can have a more comfortable home throughout the entire winter.

Here are some tips to ensuring that you keep the heat in your home and not let it go out the attic when the temperatures drop.

  1. Insulate with the best insulation for the attic and the home. Usually blown in cellulose insulation can provide the best coverage.
  2. Seal off the door to the attic to prevent this heat loss from happening through the cracks in the roof.
  3. Consider insulation for the floor of the attic, as the heat from the rest of the home goes through the floor of the attic and then out through the roof.
  4. Make sure that all attic windows are closed throughout the year, as this can cause a draft through the rest of the home.
  5. Air fixtures below the attic floor can sometimes let out drafts. Cover these and use lamps or other fixtures that are not directly connected to the attic to reduce the amount of heat that is lost.

When it comes to having a comfortable house all winter long, it is important to speak with insulation specialists that can provide even more insight on the ways you can make your home more comfortable. They provide homeowners with many benefits, especially with new blown in insulation that lasts for 20 years or more and can prevent further drafts within the attic space.

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