When building something outside it’s important to rely on pressure treated wood because it holds up to weathering more effectively. It works well for decks, picnic tables, gazebos and most other outdoor structures. It doesn’t matter if you need something for business purposes or for your home, finding a good expert to construct something for you out of pressure treated wood makes all the difference. We’re builders that understand how to work with pressure treated wood and make the most of the material. We can help you achieve your building goals.

Long Lasting Structures

Pressure treated wood is a durable material that’s designed to hold up well in harsh weather conditions. If you’re worried about your deck or your other outdoor projects rotting or wearing out, it’s best to have them built from treated wood right in the beginning.


Whether you have broken fence panels, a deck that needs replacing or minor issues around your home, our skilled builders understand how to make wood-based repairs and fix most issues that are going wrong.

Custom Projects

It doesn’t matter what type of project you want completed, our experienced construction team has the expertise to help get it done. We’ll build decks, tree houses, sheds, playgrounds and just about anything else. No matter what you want completed, if the project relies on treated wood we can probably help you accomplish it.

Professional Service Providers

It’s a relief to be in the hands of professionals when it comes to getting work done. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the finished product, or handling all the small details of the job. We’ll take care of all those things for you, so that you can focus on enjoying your free time and the finished project when it is all done in the end.

Affordable Pricing

While doing a custom project build is never cheap, it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Our company offers affordable labor and will have your project finished fast without costing too much in the process. If you are worried about handling a project yourself, and you don’t want to pay too much to get it done, consider working with us.

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