Preparing Your Brick Home for Catastrophic Weather

When it comes to hurricane season or living in the path of tornado alley, you want to make sure that you’re prepared for anything that comes your way. Living in a brick home can be beneficial when it comes to having a decent amount of protection around you. By keeping some more tips in mind, you can ensure that you’re safe and sound within the home, even as the hurricane is raging around you.

Tips for Hurricane Protection

  1. Cover all the windows of the home. While, the home is brick and it is going to stand strong, the windows are not going to fare so well if they’re not covered properly.
  2. Use the right door to protect the home. Storm doors and large steel doors can protect the home against high winds and potentially dangerous storms that might come about in the area.
  3. You can add concrete canvas to the outside of the home for further protection. This has been shown to deflect debris and high winds that might come about with a hurricane.
  4. Make sure that the drainage system is working properly around the home. You want to seal any areas where water might end up getting into the home, this especially includes the basement, as this is the first place that might flood.
  5. Seal and then secure the roof of the home. While the rest of it might be sturdy, you don’t want to worry about losing the roof of the home when a big gust of wind comes rolling through.

Always read over your insurance policy and record all the items that you have before the storm. It is also important to leave important documents within a fire and water proof safe. This can keep everything in the best shape in case something does happen.

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