There are few road materials that are more durable than perpetual pavement, but it’s important to find good quality contractors to install this material for the best results. If you are looking for one of the most durable road options available today for your home or business, take the time to consider perpetual pavement as an option that will help reduce your overall maintenance requirements notably.

What is Perpetual Pavement?

Perpetual pavement is a carefully designed road material that is several different paved layers that work together to create a very durable substance that’s difficult to crack and stands up to regular use capably.

The bottom layer of the mix is installed over a surface of crushed rock just like standard asphalt, but it’s highly flexible and resists the forces of tensile strain that create cracks in standard roads. The center of perpetual pavement is a durable solid layer that lends strength to the road itself and the upper layer is especially hard to resist ruts over time. The product is made to last several years before requiring maintenance in standard traffic conditions and is also designed to be easy to maintain without having to be fully removed during the repair process.

What is it Used for?

Perpetual pavement is designed for use on high-traffic roadways, but it works well as a driveway solution, for parking lots and other regularly traveled locations. Whether you own a business that needs more durable parking spaces that aren’t going to need repair as soon, or you have a home with a long driveway that you want to remain in good shape over time, perpetual pavement is worth considering over standard pavement solutions.

How to Find Reliable Contractors

It’s not always easy tracking down good reliable contractors for perpetual pavement, because it’s a more difficult surface to install properly. It’s best to take your time and examine the experience of the company as well as past reviews. Our team has been installing perpetual pavement roadways for several years, and have a long list of satisfied customer stories to show off.

If you’re in need of a more durable driveway, parking space or road surface, call us to find out how to have perpetual pavement installed today.