Flat concrete is easy to walk on and it offers a good hard surface to work on as well. That doesn’t make it the ideal finish for all situations though. There are many instances where patterned concrete is a better option. That’s right, you can have your concrete patterned in different shapes to give you a unique finish that might work better than a smooth finish would.

How Patterned Concrete is Made

Our team of professionals create patterned concrete with special stencils or forms that are placed over top of the damp mixture. As the concrete hardens up the pattern is locked in for good. We can do this in several different directions to achieve different looks that you would like.

Choose from Many Shapes and Sizes

One of the benefits of working with professionals to get a specific pattern in your concrete, is that you’ll be able to choose exactly what type of shape you want the concrete to have. If you want neat little squares you can have that, if you would prefer tiles, stones or any other shape, we probably have it available. Look through our collection of patterns to find out exactly what your options are, or pick a more exotic shape and we’ll custom order the pattern for you.

Give Your Floor a High-Class Look

There’s nothing that says class like a flagstone pool surround, a mosaic patio, or a cobblestone driveway. We can help you get an expensive look without having to spend all the money on the actual materials. You’ll be impressed with the results that we can achieve out of standard concrete, and it won’t take long to successfully get them either.

Add in Some Color

A textured concrete pad wouldn’t be complete without a custom color as well. We can transform a brick pattern into life-like brick with a red tint. We can bring marble to life with a couple darker tints mixed together carefully. With the right color, we can help you mimic most materials effectively.

Contact our team today and get an upscale patterned concrete patio or floor installed.