Having the perfect, freshest coat of paint on the walls can really make a room appear different from it is. This can be a beneficial thing when trying to lighten the mood, change the space or just add a touch to it of your own. If you want it to really stand out, hiring painters that are professionals and know what they are doing can handle the job. You will know that there will be no mistakes, you will not have to purchase the items needed and you do not have to worry about spending all the time doing the job. Professional painters can tackle any painting job that is handed to them.

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A new coat of paint can really revitalize the exterior of your home and add to its curb appeal, or provide new life for a room that’s looking a little bit run down, or doesn’t match the rest of your home decor.

Don’t have time to paint your own walls? Both exterior and exterior painting can be very time-consuming – and exterior painting can be quite dangerous since you’ll have to work on ladders and scaffolding.

If you want to save your weekends and get professional-grade results, the best option is to hire a professional painting contractor. Painting contractors are highly-qualified, equipped with the latest painting and safety equipment, and can offer better results in a fraction of the time that a DIY painting project usually takes.

If you’d like to learn more about interior and exterior painting contractors, licensing requirements and what to expect from your project, keep reading. Or, if you’re ready to hire a pro and get your job done right, just click here and fill out a quick form to get connected to a local painting contractor through Contractors Today.


Licensing & Certification Requirements For Painting Contractors

Like most other types of contractors, the requirements for painting contractors vary based on your state, and even your municipality. Depending on the state, the requirements to become licensed may involve:

  • Proving a certain number of years of work experience as a painter
  • Taking an exam to test painting & safety knowledge
  • Paying an application fee
  • Purchasing a surety bond and insurance

If you’d like to learn more about licensing requirements for painting contractors for each state, you can take a look at this article. And remember that local regulations may be different, so contact your municipal contractor licensing/registration office for more details.

Note, also, that if you suspect or know that your home has lead paint, you may need to hire a specially-certified contractor, or hire a lead paint removal specialist before hiring a painting contractor. Failure to identify or disclose the presence of lead paint puts you, your family, and your contractor and their team at risk, so make sure you have your home tested if you have any reason to believe that lead paint was used in the interior or exterior.

As always, we highly recommend ensuring that your painting contractor is bonded and insured. Hiring a bonded and insured contractor means that you will not be liable if something goes wrong and there is an injury during your project. It also ensures that if your property is damaged during the project – or the project is not completed – you can be compensated for all applicable damages.


Interior Painting Contractors & The Interior House Painting Process

Interior painting contractors, unsurprisingly, focus primarily on painting interior rooms, ranging from bathrooms to kitchens, bedrooms, living spaces, and any other room of your home that may require a fresh coat of paint.

While interior painting is often a DIY project for homeowners, it’s usually much faster to hire a contractor – and you won’t have to deal with things like moving furniture, putting down plastic surface protection, and spending evenings or weekends repainting your home.

The interior house painting process usually consists of the following steps.

  • Moving furniture out of the room – The first step is to move furniture out of the room. Depending on your contractor, you may have to do this yourself before they show up, or they may include this as part of their services.

  • Preparing walls and floors – Walls will need to be prepared with painter’s tape to protect things like wall outlets & switches, baseboards & molding, windows and other such features. Floors will usually be protected with drop cloths, which will be secured in place to prevent paint drips & splatters.
  • Primer application/sanding – In most cases, a primer coat will need to be applied to your walls before the initial paint application. Sanding of the primer may also be used to smooth it out and provide a better surface to which the final paint color can adhere.
  • Apply paint in one or multiple coats – Your painting contractor will apply paint based on your instructions, and in the shade of your choice. Depending on the room and the color, it may be necessary to paint only a single coat, or multiple coats may be required.

  • Finish & cleanup – Once your paint has dried, your contractor will touch up any surfaces that need it, remove painter’s tape and drop cloths, dispose of any waste, and move your furniture back into position, completing the project.


Exterior House Painting Contractors & The Exterior House Painting Process

If the exterior of your home has seen better days, it may be time to refresh it with a new coat of paint. Unlike interior house painting, exterior house painting is usually best left to the professionals.

While it’s certainly possible to do a DIY exterior house painting job, it’s often a lot harder to get good results. Factors like the weather, wind, temperature and more can affect how paint performs, and it can be hard to manage such a large project on your own. Not only that, but you must paint on ladders, scaffolding or even when on the roof, which means you’re risking a potentially nasty fall if you’re not careful.

For these reasons, it’s almost always a better idea to hire a pro to paint the exterior of your home than it is to go it alone. Professional exterior house painting contractors will be able to use the right tools for the job, stay safe with equipment like scaffolding and fall arrest safety harnesses, and complete the job quickly.

The exterior house painting process usually consists of the following steps:

  • Exterior preparation – Depending on factors like the services your contractor offers and the materials used for your siding, this may involve things like pressure washing your home, scraping away old paint, sanding down the wood siding, filling and repairing your siding, and caulking joints.

    Exterior doors, windows, and lights will also be protected with plastic sheeting and painter’s tape. Bushes and trees that are at risk of paint drips will also usually be covered with plastic sheeting during the painting process.

  • Primer application – A coat of primer will provide a better, longer-lasting hold for your exterior paint, so we highly recommend that you hire an exterior painting contractor who will apply primer before your final coat of paint.
  • Painting siding & trim – Your siding, trim and other elements of your home will be painted based on your requirements. Depending on the height of your house, ladders and scaffolding may be required for full coverage.
  • Cleanup and finishing – A final touch-up will be done, if necessary, and you’ll get to inspect your home to check out the results. Then, your contractor and their crew will remove all waste, debris, paint and other supplies, and clean up the area to leave your home looking beautiful and brand new.


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