Natural gas heating is one of the most affordable ways to warm homes and commercial businesses today. Unfortunately, systems that make use of natural gas are a bit more complex and difficult to install and work on than electric systems are. That’s why highly trained professionals are important, to make sure that the work is performed properly. We offer many different natural gas heating services, and can help make sure that you have a fully functioning natural gas furnace that’s operating efficiently for you.

Furnace Installation

We understand the proper steps to take to install a natural gas furnace, and we’ll hook it to your existing lines and double check that the heating system performs as expected once it’s installed. For every installation that we complete, we’ll fully calibrate the furnace so that it performs efficiently. Our installations comply with the standards of most major natural gas brands, helping to preserve any warranties that come with the furnaces.

Furnace Testing and Calibration

We’ll test your furnace and calibrate it to operate efficiently after an initial installation, but that’s not the only time that calibration is necessary. We can come in and recalibrate your furnace a year or two after the initial installation to ensure that the burner levels are all set right to run as efficiently as possible. With help from our team we you can improve the efficiency of your heating system and make sure that it continues to be affordable to operate.

Annual Maintenance

Regular maintenance is an important step to keeping a natural gas furnace in good operating shape. At an annual maintenance appointment, we’ll examine your furnace, clean out all the components and lubricate any mechanical parts of the system. We’ll also do basic things like replace the filters of the unit and replace any worn belts as well. If you want to keep your furnace operating properly over the years, it’s important to hire a qualified company to maintain it.