Standard dirt excavation isn’t a big deal, and it’s a problem that you can hire out to most excavating teams without worry. Standard equipment can tackle the problem without issue. Things become more complicated when you are dealing with soil that has an excess amount of water in it. This is known as much, and it’s much more difficult to remove. We’re muck excavator contractors and that’s exactly what we work with daily. If you need muck excavated from your current project, we would be glad to help.

What is Muck?

Muck is essentially mud that must be removed from a large section. It could be made with clay, earth, sand and other materials, but the main ingredient is a whole lot of water. Muck is heavy and very difficult to deal with.

The Right Equipment

When dealing with muck you need specialized equipment that’s capable of handling the task. The excavators and backhoes need to be oversized and fitted with the proper attachments to handle the sloppy material. Many excavators find the task to be troubling and they may go slower than you would like. We have all the tools to get through muck efficiently and will blow through your next excavation project in record time.


Just because there is much in an area doesn’t mean that you can’t place a building there, it just means that a bit more work is required to get the job done. Muck tends to shift around and not remain in place very firmly. We can help stabilize the material while leveling out the area that you want to complete your project on. We’ll work with landscapers and drainage experts to create an ideal location for a foundation for your next project.

Pool Holes

A swimming pool hole is difficult to dig in a mucky area where the sides of the hole is likely to collapse and fall in on itself. We have created many pools in the past and can help ensure that you get just the right sized hole that you need and that it does not collapse on itself so that the contractors can come in and finish the project effectively.

Surface Leveling

Muck is particularly challenging when you need a level and solid surface to build on top of. We understand how to prepare a mucky surface to be stable for building on. We’ll dig out the excess muck and fill in with a more stable material that is not going to sink down over time.

No matter what type of project you need completed in the muck, we can do it. Give us a call to find out how.