Mastering Streak Free Windows Like the Pros

Cleaning windows is a big task and many people choose to hire a professional. Window washers are great, but you may not always be able to use a pro. Learning the techniques and tips to get streak free windows is a great way to maintain your windows between professional cleanings.

Work, Tools and Technique

Properly cleaning windows requires a lot of elbow grease, the proper tools and the right technique. The cleaning tools are very important and necessary to get the best finished product. A squeegee is a necessary tool when it comes to cleaning windows. Microfiber cloths are also important and do not leave lint behind. Newspaper can also be helpful when washing windows and doesn’t leave behind lint like a paper towel. Coffee filters also work similarly to newspaper.

Streak Free Window Technique

Using a sponge or cloth dipped in cleaning solution to wipe the entire window is the first step. After the solution is on the window you will want to use the squeegee to remove as much of the solution as possible. Wipe the extra solution along the edge with a cloth. When you use a squeegee, you will want to work in a continuous motion from the top to the bottom. After each window you will need to wipe the squeegee off with a rag.

If you are using newspaper or coffee filters you will want to apply the solution with a spray bottle and wipe in horizontal or vertical strokes.

It is best to clean your windows when it is overcast or when the sun is not directly shining on your window to prevent the solution from drying before you can wipe it.

Avoid abrasive cleaners on the windows as these can cause scratching on the surface of the glass. Also, remnants from paper towels can cause your windows to look dirty despite the fact they are clean. Always use a damp cloth or wet the glass to remove spots.

The best way to get streak free windows is to hire a professional window cleaning company, but when that isn’t an option, following these tips and techniques will help you get the job done!