While journeyman electricians are fine for most standard electrical installations, they aren’t the guys that are best for the most challenging electrical problems. We contract several top-level master electricians and can offer more experienced professionals to tackle highly demanding electrical tasks and problems. Whether you need your home or business diagnosed and repaired, you want your electrical service upgraded, you want your electrical system inspected, or you just want the best working on your home, we have master electricians standing by.

Diagnose and Repair

A master electrician is very useful for diagnosing challenging electrical problems and getting a home or business functioning properly once again. We’ve been in the business for years and have some of the most skilled electricians that can troubleshoot highly technical problems that may be too difficult for a journeyman electrician.

Service Upgrades

The electrical service that goes into a house is what gives the entire thing power. Service boxes can be upgraded and enhanced to offer even more power. Home or business owners looking for a way to bring more power in, or to utilize more devices at once should consider upgrading their service. One of our master electricians can take an existing service setup and upsize it to a much more powerful setup.

Electrical Inspections

While journeyman electricians often complete installations and other standard work, a good master electrician can serve as the inspector for such projects. We’ll inspect completed work to ensure that it’s done to a high standard. Consider hiring us to look over finished electrical projects to make sure they are worth the money and that there are no problems in the end.

For those more difficult electrical tasks, give us a call and we’ll send out our most experienced master electricians to make sure your home or business receives the upgrades that it needs.