Whether you own a yacht club, waterfront property, or you just want to keep your boats in good condition throughout the year, it’s important to become familiar with marine contractors and what they can do for you. As professional marine contractors, we offer a wide range of marine services for boaters, waterfront property owners, and marine enthusiasts.

Walkway Construction and Maintenance

Whether you want a pier, deck, or bridge that goes out over water, we have years of experience constructing marine walkways that will hold up to regular use and offer a stable platform to walk back and forth on. We’ll also help with maintaining these platforms, and can help replace decking, repairing issues that appear on it and creating more secure foundations and pilings for older marine structures.

Erosion Mitigation

Islands suffer from erosion each year, and if someone isn’t fighting back against it they can wear away and disappear into the sea. If you own an island or have business or personal property on one, we can provide services that minimize erosion. We’ll put stone and fill material around the border of your island property to slow down erosion and create a sustainable area that lasts over time.


Increased water levels can cause real problems for waterside property when the proper precautions aren’t taken. That’s why we help hundreds of residents with waterfront homes put up major seawalls to help keep the water at bay. If you’re concerned about water reaching your property, we can help construct seawalls around your area that will serve as added protection against rising levels over time.

Dock Construction

Docks are an important part of most waterways for boaters. Whether you have a boating club, a commercial inlet or residential water access, we can help construct a dock for you that will keep your boats secured in place. We specialize in concrete docks, and can build them in a wide range of sizes. We also build foot bridges including wood bridges, concrete bridges and others.

Boat Lift

Need a lift to get your boat in and out of the water? We can help build you a professional lift system that will effectively move your boat in and out of the water so you can launch with ease. We’ll walk you through the plans and come up with the perfect lift dimensions for your specific needs.

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