A luthier is an expert string instrument builder and modifier. They generally make repairs to these devices and work hard to help them sound right once again. They must work with precision and care, and the slightest mistake can ruin the sound of a beautiful instrument. Our company offers an instrument repair and customization service and employs some of the best luthier experts available today to do the job. We can help if you’d like your instruments repaired, or you want modifications or a custom project completed.


Even the best made instruments eventually break down and it’s a frustrating experience. While it’s possible to make your own minor repairs using things like wood glue to make the fix, it’s often much more efficient, or effective to head to a skilled luthier instead. Our experts have been making repairs to instruments for many years now and they can bring even significantly damaged items back to life with a bit of hard work and careful changes. Bring your damaged items in to find out how long the fix will take and what your options are.

Custom Creations

There’s nothing quite like a custom-built violin or cello. String instruments have a beautiful and unique sound, and a skilled Luthier is just the thing to help create unique sounding objects, or high quality instruments that you are familiar with. IF you would like to have a custom string instrument crafted for you, talk with our luthier team to learn about what your options are and how to go through the process to get your new product as soon as possible.

Instrument Accessories

Not only do we specialize in creating and repairing instruments themselves, but also their accessories. For instance, we will work on the bow of a violin or viola or create a new one that will work with an existing instrument. When you have an instrument that needs some work to perform properly, we can help make it function just as it should once again.

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