String instruments are beautiful and feature a unique sound that you can’t get from anything else. They’re crafted with precision and must be kept in excellent condition to continue functioning properly. If you’re interested in making use of one of these instruments, you should be prepared to take good care of it. If you do run into problems, and you likely will at some point, any serious damage must be addressed by luthier carpenters. These are the experts that work on string instruments, and they understand how to preserve their sound while making necessary repairs on them.

Working with Care

A standard carpenter may be able to address common damage on a string instrument, but that person wont’ have the same level of knowledge of how a string instrument works as a luthier does. When our luthier experts work on your instrument, they only make decisions that will fix the problem while preserving the function of the instrument. That means that you can continue to enjoy the good rich sound produced by your cello, by your violin or your viola without worry.

Resolve Common Repairs

Even high quality string instruments take damage over time. To continue enjoying them for years to come, you should address that damage as soon as possible. That usually means paying an expert to come in and make the necessary repairs on them for you. If you are having trouble with your instrument, bring it to our luthiers and they’ll evaluate the problem and let you know what needs to be done. You can opt to have the repairs completed or leave your instrument the way it is after getting help.

Help with a Modification

There are times when you might want to modify your perfectly functioning string instrument. Perhaps you want to add an additional string, maybe you would like to change the shape, or add on a holder or a strap fastener or something. Even simple modifications take care and should be completed by a good luthier. Bring your instruments to our team and get the modifications made without hurting the integrity of your instrument in the process.

Call us today and learn get your string instrument repaired properly.