There’s nothing like the beauty and strength of a solid log home. Today log homes are built in two different ways, either using log kits, or by milling out and hand-fastening the rough logs together to one another. Our team of builders specialize in working with kit homes and can assemble an array of different home types for strength and beauty.

Log Home Building

It takes a great deal of strength and skill to assemble a log home kit. Sure, the pieces are already milled out, but they must be stacked carefully and with precision. Each piece is bolted or screwed to the one below it and great care must be taken to properly insulate the corners of the structure. Our team has years of experience building these homes, and we can help you get your new home up and running efficiently and easily.

Log Home Repairs

Even rock solid log homes require some repairs from time to time. If you have a damaged log or another common issue with your home that needs fixing, our team can assess the damage and help you get the fix that you need. While we cannot fix every problem that occurs with a log home, most are easily addressed and can be remedied quickly.

Custom Kit Construction

While some companies will only work with stock log home kits without modifications, we’re willing to modify an existing home, add on to it, or adjust the way that a kit comes together. If you want a log home, but you want to change around the kit, we can help accommodate your needs. Just let us know about the changes and we’ll explain the process and help you figure out the best way to make them happen.

If you want a log home constructed, or you have a repair that needs finishing, give us a call to learn about your options today.