Linoleum is a great choice for flooring if you want something that is durable, cost effective and will look nice. Linoleum comes in a large variety of colors and designs and can be purchased to match any home design. You can find sheets of linoleum that look like tiles as well as hardwood. It is constructed in layers that consist of an outer layer which is thick for protection, a printed layer, a mid-section that is typically foam filled and a backing that will adhere to the floor either with self-stick backing or with glue. Linoleum can be found in six foot or twelve foot widths. They are usually best in bathrooms and kitchens but can be used throughout a home or office for an easy to clean flooring choice.


Linoleum is a cost-effective choice for flooring and is usually priced per square foot starting at under $1 per square foot and increasing in price depending on the style. Most linoleum will have a warranty and to fulfill the warranty, it must be installed by a professional. You can DIY linoleum but it will void the warranty and you may find that it is difficult to lay it correctly and match seams up evenly or unnoticeably.

Luxury Linoleum

While many people choose linoleum to save money on flooring, there are many types of linoleum that are high-end and are made of durable materials that will last for many years. These materials, known as luxury materials, are used in many commercial projects and they are manufactured to look luxurious and to hold up well over the years. Luxury linoleum will often look like hardwood flooring or stone flooring or ceramic tile flooring. They also come in many designs for a variety for your home or office.

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