Keeping Your Plumbing Smooth Through the Holidays

The holidays are a time when many family and friends get together to spend a little time together. This usually involves one house for everyone. When this happens, the plumbing system may not be used to all this extra use. When this happens, it may find itself having a problem keeping up with the extra demands on the entire system.

Here are some ways to get that plumbing system through the holidays and ensure that it runs as it should without problems.

  • Use enzymes in the system to break down all the plumbing that goes to the septic.
  • Use septic tank safe toilet paper to reduce the chances of clogs or breaks
  • Treat the garbage disposal kindly, even if you want to throw everything and anything down it
  • Make sure to know what is being flushed and let the kids know what shouldn’t be flushed
  • Try to give the water heater a break when it comes to showering. There are a lot of you, don’t overdo it
  • Any oil or grease shouldn’t be placed down the drain since this can cause a clog

Many of these tips can go a long way by keeping them in mind. Having everyone together for the holidays is a great thing, just make sure that your plumbing thinks it’s great too.

If there seems to be a problem or a problem does occur when everyone is over for the holidays, make sure to speak with a professional plumber that is able to do the job. You don’t want a small problem to turn into a larger one later down the road.

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