Whether you own a home or a business, chances are good that you utilize electrical equipment every single day. If this is the case, eventually you’ll either need repairs made to the electrical lines, or you’ll want to add more lines or outlets to your building. In these instances, it’s important to have skilled electricians to help you accomplish the task. We’re a team of journeyman electricians that can provide excellent electrical upgrades and repairs for you.

New Electrical Lines

Electrical lines provide the power that you need for appliances and tools. If you’re adding in appliances or outlets to your home, or you are building a new section of the house, it’s important to have professionals to do the installation for you.  We’ll run all the lines that you need for your tools and equipment and any appliances that you need in the space.

Service Upgrades or Repairs

The electrical service is how the power is delivered to your home and managed. Bigger service panels have more room for connections and allow you get more appliances running around your home or business. If you have an undersized electrical service panel, we can install an additional panel, or upsize your existing panel to a larger one to help you meet all your necessary power needs.

Fan or Switch Installations

Need some new ceiling fans? Want an additional light switch put in your home? We can do that for you and can make modifications wherever they are needed. Our team understands how to make these changes in a house or business, and they ca handle them easily.

Electrical Repairs

Wiring comes loose, it gets frayed and power stops functioning properly over time. These are all issues that we see regularly, and they are issues that we understand how to resolve as well. If you are running into these problems, we can help solve them for you. We’ll assess the problem and then make the necessary repairs to get your home running properly once again.

Electrical work is very important. Give us a call for help with your electrical service today.