When most people see a custom book shelf, a hand-built chair or some other object constructed out of wood, they immediately assume that it was created by a carpenter, but they don’t really differentiate between a standard carpenter and joiner carpenters. Joiner carpenters use advanced joining techniques that don’t rely on fasteners to hook objects to one another. They make for more durable pieces and result in some beautiful objects that you simply can’t replicate using fasteners.

Custom Furniture

One of the most common projects that skilled joiner carpenters work on is furniture. Custom pieces of furniture can be assembled with joinery techniques and it won’t have visible screw or nail holes, and will generally be much more durable than something held together with simple fasteners.

If you need custom furniture for your home or business, good skilled joiner carpenters like ours can help you complete the task efficiently and with good results. Most furniture types are possible, and the finished result is something to be proud of.

Enhanced Strength

The joints produced by skilled joiners are almost always stronger than what can be achieved by a standard fastener. That’s because more of the wood is involved in the process and there is much more material to strain before damage can occur. If you would like highly durable furniture, shelves and other products, working with a joiner carpenter is the way to go.

No Visible Fasteners

Another benefit of working with joiners is that there are no visible fasteners or no fasteners to cover up. This gives the finished pieces a more refined look overall, and helps them to stand out over more conventional products. People desiring a cleaner looking product, or something that will take paint more readily, should look to joiners to handle the work.

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