Most construction projects today require extensive electrical work because there are a wide array of appliances, plugs and outlet types and all need to be configured properly. That’s why it’s so important to have a team of professional electricians to take on the project. We specialize in electrical installations and can handle most installations in both residential and commercial settings.

New Wire Installation

Whether you are having an addition put into your home or adding appliances or outlets to your house, we can run new wires throughout the walls of your home or business wherever they are needed. We’ll help keep all the work to the required codes so that everything can be successfully inspected.

New Construction

New housing projects and commercial buildings require extensive electrical work. It’s important that qualified professionals are working on the project so that you get reliable results that you can use for years to come. Our electricians can help you complete your project and create outlets, switches and plugs that are all up to code and function properly.

Fan or Light Installation

Installing fans and lights is a major part of what installation electricians do. If you need additional lights or fans throughout your home, that’s something that we can hook up for you quickly and effectively. We’ll place the fans and lights right where you want them, and ensure that they function properly.

Outlet Installation

Electrical outlets are an important way to access power when it’s needed. We can install standard outlets and heavy duty 220V outlets throughout your home or office where they are needed. We can even put in a single outlet for one special purpose.

Pool or Hot Tub Power

Swimming pools and hot tubs often require large amounts of power, especially when they have an attached heater. We can run power to either one so that you can run pumps, heaters, filters and everything else that’s needed to operate the system.

If you need an electrical installation, contact our company to get help right away.