Motor Wiring

Massive motors require tremendous amounts of power to run properly. We can wire up the motors of your machinery to operate reliably over time.

Control Wiring

Most industrial settings rely heavily on controls to get the job done. We can help with wiring up controls for your equipment and positioning the panels exactly where you want them. We’ll help you customize your work space so that it functions efficiently.

Surge Protection

Electrical equipment is always at risk of being damaged from a large surge of electricity. That’s what surge protection equipment is for. We’ll help set up surge protection systems that safeguard your equipment and your investment.

Security Lighting

Good quality security lighting makes it more unpleasant for criminals to steal or break into your business. We have experience installing security lighting at homes and businesses and can position it exactly where it’s needed.

Stop/Start Stations

Protect your workers with the very best safeguards with high quality start and stop stations throughout the building. Wherever heavy machinery is being used, we can establish stop and start stations to enable control over them.

Panel or Service Changes

As electrical requirements change, so do the requirements for service panels. Eventually You’ll probably need a larger panel, or additional sub panels put up around the building. These offer the power that you need to run your equipment. We can put panels in where they are needed and make sure that you have all the power that you need.