Important Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Concrete Driveway Contractor


Concrete is a popular material when it comes to the construction of driveways. Concrete driveways are durable and aesthetically pleasing, especially when finishes such as brushing, stamping, and exposed aggregates are applied. Thanks to new technologies in the industry, there are a lot of concrete driveway options you can choose from.

Whether you prefer the traditional driveway or the paved concrete driveway, you need to hire the best concrete driveway contractor near you. Why? Because if installed wrong, the driveway will not only be unattractive but will not last as long as it should.

The following are the important factors you need to consider when hiring a concrete driveway contractor.


How long has the contractor been in business? The longer they have been providing concrete driveway services the better. It shows that they have been consistently providing quality services. Experienced contractors have extensive industry knowledge. They know the industry’s best practices and they most likely have the best concrete equipment since they have been making a lot of money and reinvesting in the business.

Note that, the experience is not always a matter of how many years, but how many jobs they have successfully completed. Ask to see their portfolio. It will include photos of projects they have handled in the past. There is no way a contractor will claim to have experience when they have filed just a few projects in their portfolio.


Reputation and experience go hand in hand. Reputable contractors are experienced. A contractor only gets a good reputation by successfully handling many projects.

The best way to understand a contractor’s reputation is by checking their reviews. Good sources of unbiased company reviews include sites such as Angie’s List, Yelp, BBB, and Trusted Pros. Here you will find ratings of different companies. A contractor with a rating of 4/5 stars after 5 reviews is inferior to a contractor with the same rating after 500 reviews.

You should also ask for references from the contractor. What better way to learn more about the contractor than to talk to their previous customers?


Before acquiring any certification, exams have to be taken, and a certain pass mark attained. Hiring a certified contractor inspires confidence. You get to be sure that the contractor knows what they are doing as they had to have deep industry knowledge to acquire the certifications.

The American Concrete Institute provides different concrete contractor certifications. These certifications are the minimum qualifications needed to land a job in the concrete industry. Ask to see these certifications, and inquire if the contractor’s workers have ACI training. Meanwhile, the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute certifies contractors that install paved concrete driveways. Find contractors with this certification here.


In some states, driveway contractors need to be licensed while in others no license is needed. To be on the safe side, consult your county’s local authority. The local authority will also confirm if there are any permits needed. However, obtaining them is the responsibility of the contractor.


What happens when the installation team damages your property? What happens when a contractor’s employee gets injured on your premises? To avoid the lawsuits that the occurrence of these events could bring about, make sure the concrete driveway contractor you hire is insured. They should have a general liability insurance policy and a workman’s compensation insurance policy. The minimum coverage of both policies should be in the region of $500,000. Check state laws for the minimum insurance requirements.


By sheer bad luck, you may hire a contractor who then goes out of business before completing your project. Other contractors are just negligent and refuse to complete work. For these and other reasons, make sure that the concrete driveway contractor you hire is bonded. The bond amount compensates you if the contractor fails to fulfill their obligations.


You have to request quotes from different companies to get a clearer idea of the amount of money the driveway project will cost you. A contractor that insists on giving you a quote over the phone is not the ideal choice. For an accurate quote, they should send a representative to the project site. The representative assesses the site, asks the type and size of the driveway you want, and collects other information required to provide a comprehensive bid.

Please note that driveway contractors do not always ask for down-payments before work begins. And should a deposit be required, they will not ask for cash.

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