How To Tell That Your Carpet Installer Has Done A Great Job


Installing a carpet in a new home is very costly and needs to be done well. The first step to having proper installation is to hire a professional carpet installer. These contractors are trained and experienced in carpet installation for various rooms in the home. In most cases, they do a satisfactory job for homeowners within an agreed timeline. Even so, it is advisable to confirm whether the final job meets your standards or there is need for changes in the work done.

So, how do you know that your carpet installer did a great job?

  1. Your carpet has smooth seams

When the carpet is installed in a room, it is common for it to ‘meet’ doorways, baseboards, and walls. At these meeting points, there are seams that need to be tucked in well in order to hide any loose edges.  Normally, the frayed edges are secured with tacks, transition strips, and carpet tapes, among others. When the smoothening of seams is done well, it reduces the probability of separation at the borders of the carpet. However, if the seams are unsightly and are unraveling at their corners, you may need to call in your installer for repair work.

  1. Your carpet surface is leveled

In general, the surface of a recently installed carpet should be smooth and leveled. This should be obvious at the first look and from all angles. You can also walk barefoot on the carpet to feel if there are areas that are raised and cannot be leveled by applying a bit of pressure. If you feel comfortable walking on the carpet and do not encounter any bumps on the surface, then installation was done well. In some cases, an unleveled carpet surface may be due to damaged floors that should be repaired before carpeting is done.

  1. Your carpet is fixed in place

All carpets have instructions from the manufacturer on their installation process. These instructions, if followed to the letter by your carpet installer, will result in a carpet that fits well. If your carpeting covers the entire area as instructed and does not peel off at any corner then the job has been done well. However, for your preferred flooring to cover a room or office well, it is important to take accurate measurements of the area before buying the carpet.

  1. Your carpet has no folds or wrinkles

Installation of carpeting involves the stretching and pulling of the fabric over the surface of the floor. The stretched carpet is held securely by tacks which ensure that it does not have any folds or wrinkles on the surface. In some cases, padding on the carpet might cause folds which can easily be removed by stepping slightly on the affected area. If it fades away, it means that installation was done in a professional manner. However, if the wrinkles are persistent even after trying to smooth them over, you may need to call in your installer to re-do the job.

  1. Your carpet has no exposed edges

Carpeting can also be done on a flight of stairs to help it blend in with the rest of the home. Normally, the carpet meets the wall and railing on either side of the stairs. When installation is done well, the edges touching either side should be smooth with no loose ends. The carpet should also be tightly wrapped on the tread and have no visible gaps. In addition, wrinkles or buckling should not be visible on each stair covered by the carpet. If your investigations reveal loose edges and stubborn wrinkles on the carpeted stairs, your car installer may need to be called in for repair work.

  1. Your carpet is not damaged

Carpets are expensive and are considered to be a costly  investment by many homeowners. The materials used in the construction of the carpet determine its price and subsequent installation. If you have bought an expensive carpet and your installer has fixed it without any damage, they have done a great job. Some contractors that offer carpeting services have no experience in installing certain types of carpets and damage them in the process. If you notice any damage on your carpet after the work is done, you may need to claim compensation to cover repairs.

To get the best out of carpet installation services, you need to know what to expect after the work is completed. Use the pointers above to help you know what to look out for when called to inspect work done by your carpet installer.