How To Tell That You Need The Services Of A Carpet Cleaner?

Over 84% of Americans wish that their carpets were cleaner. Yet, the same percentage of people postpone or find excuses not to clean their carpets. The most cited excuse is that moving furniture is a big hassle. The most common carpet cleaning method is vacuuming. Unfortunately, this method does not remove stubborn stains and molds.


Most carpets manufactured today are not white. So, owners do not get to see how dirty their carpets are. Still, it is possible to tell when to seek the help of professional carpet cleaners. Watch out for the following signs. If they define the current state of your carpet, find top carpet cleaners in your area here.

The carpet looks dirty

This is an obvious sign that your carpet requires professional cleaning. Dirty carpets are embarrassing. You do not want your guests to see stains and dirt all over the carpet. Carpets also harbor dust, pet dander, and other allergens harmful to your health. A professional steam clean is the best way to remove all the stains and dirt, leaving your carpet looking as good as new.

Stubborn stains

Stains appear because of spillage on the carpet. No matter how careful you are, accidents spills will still happen. Wine, coffee, ink, and oil stains are particularly hard to remove. There are several ways to remove carpet stains at home. But some of the stains are so deep in the carpet fiber that they do not go away. Also, the stain remover residue still remains on the carpet making the carpet still look soiled afterward. The best solution for carpet stains is a deep professional clean.


Where is that strange smell coming from? If you can’t seem to get rid of a bad smell in your home, give your carpet a smell check. When the carpet becomes damp, mold and other fungi grow. And, unfortunately, they smell bad. Moisture on the carpet is caused by a spill that did not dry out or leaking pipe work underneath. If the latter is the cause, get it fixed before getting the carpet a professional clean.

Allergies are worsening

Lately, are your allergy symptoms off the charts? Carpets conceal dust, pollen, pet dander, and other common allergens. These allergens will then float in the air causing sneezing, running nose, watery eyes, and itchy throats. Professional carpet cleaning completely eliminates these contaminants.

Flattened carpet fluff

Carpet fluff not only gives the carpet a good look but feels good under the feet. But, due to foot traffic, the fluff flattens with time. Carpets with flattened fluff look old and dull. Even after vacuuming, the fluff does not come back up as it is held down by the dirt. A professional clean removes the dirt between the fibers helping them to fluff back up. The overall result is a better-looking carpet.

Strenuous maintenance

Over time, carpets get dirtier and dirtier, making it harder to clean and maintain them. So, if you are finding that home carpet cleaning is becoming a toilsome task, consider a professional clean. The professional cleanse will address dirt and stains on the carpet that are hard to remove at home. After that, all that is needed is regular vacuuming before the next professional clean. Also, always make sure you blot out spills immediately. Delaying only makes the stain harder to clean.

It has been too long since the last professional carpet cleaning

When was the last time your carpet was professionally cleaned? Professional carpet cleaning should be a routine procedure. Much like an engine oil change. We recommend that you have your carpet professionally cleaned once every year. Pets and children are dirt magnets. If you have them, the carpet needs a professional cleaning every six months or even more frequent.

Regular professional cleaning increases the longevity of the carpet. Actually, carpet companies require carpets to be steam-cleaned annually for the carpet warranty to remain valid. These companies know that vacuuming carpets is not enough.

You are likely to forget to schedule carpet cleaning every year. Also, carpet companies sometimes have busy schedules such that getting an appointment will take longer than you want. That is why carpet cleaning companies have carpet maintenance programs. When you sign up for these programs, you can pay an upfront fee or small monthly installments. The point is that the carpet cleaner will be at your door step every 6 or 12 months.

Carpet cleaners near me

Does your carpet have any of the symptoms above? It is time to find carpet cleaners near you. Professional carpet cleaners have the latest upholstery equipment and strong cleaning detergents that will leave your carpet as clean as new. We, Contractors Today, are your one-stop shopping place for carpet cleaners.