How To Tell If Your Home Needs The Services Of A Concrete Driveway Contractor


Driveways are more of a necessity than a privilege. They are the safe passage and leeway between your home and the immediate street. The big question comes into play when you seek to get a proper concrete driveway installed for you. Does your home need the services of a concrete driveway contractor? There are factors that determine whether your home needs such services. The internet is full of do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorials on how to pave your own concrete driveway. It, however, isn’t as easy as ABC. There are technicalities involved that should best be handled by specialists. It all boils down to the detail of the entire job, including reason why you need one, your home location, the road structure on your street, and any legislation governing construction of such in your neighborhood.

The following pointers will tell you if you need the services of a concrete driveway contractor near you.

  1. Why do you need a concrete driveway?

A concrete driveway serves a specific purpose of providing a permanent smooth transition from the street into your garage or home. Apart from that, it offers a much neater visual of your compound compared to driveways made of gravel or bare soil.  If you constantly face difficulties cleaning your driveway because of the gravel, then it’s about time you sought services of a concrete driveway contractor. Concrete driveways are easy to keep clean and neat. Just a brush of a broom and voila!

Driveways made of gravel or soil are also subjected to soil erosion. This is most evident along the tire tracks and edges. Concrete driveways, on the other hand, however, are compact and “green” in nature. Stormwater trenches can be dug on the sides to safely guide rainwater to the storm drain.

  1. Type of residence

Your type of residence greatly determines if your home needs the services of a concrete driveway. A concrete driveway is a permanent house addition meant to serve you for decades on end. For this reason, a rental (temporal) home does not really call for the services of a concrete driveway contractor. Unless you are the landlord or lessor, which means the property is entirely yours, then it falls entirely up to you to seek services of a concrete driveway contractor. Your residents need a safe and comfortable driveway to access their homes with.

If your home is a permanent residence, then seeking services of a concrete driveway contractor is in order. The permanence of the concrete driveway means one-time investment that will serve you and your future generation.

  1. Location of your residence

Your driveway should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also safe for usage. The location of your home determines how safe the concrete driveway is. For instance, if your home is just near a blind corner where oncoming traffic can be dangerous for a person pulling out from the driveway, then you definitely need the services of a concrete driveway contractor. Driveway contractors are specially trained to survey the area and come up with a convenient driveway routes that will make it safe for you to turn your car around when getting in or out of the street.

The concrete driveway contractor, through the training and hands-on-skill acquired, will install the paving in a circle drive manner. This will give you the advantage of facing the street and hence see oncoming traffic when pulling from your driveway. Alternatively, they can construct the driveway in a design that is wide enough for you to turn your vehicle so as to pull off into the street while facing oncoming traffic.

  1. Underground municipal and state property

If state or municipal utilities such as storm sewers, telephone lines, water lines for irrigation, outdoor lighting or power cables pass underneath your home, then seeking services from experts is in order. This is crucial as any damage to such utilities may lead to damage fines, not mentioning the inconvenience to the larger community.

  1. Terrain

The terrain of your home greatly determines the ease or difficulty with which the concrete driveway can be installed. A flat terrain is easy to work with. Sloppy terrains, however, require a set of expertise that only qualified concrete driveway contractors can offer. For instance, your compound may slope in such a manner that drainage is an issue. For such a terrain, an underground stormwater pipe needs to be installed on one side of your drive to another, in order to transfer the surface water from the paved concrete to the drainage.