How To Find The Right Concrete Driveway Contractor For Your Project


Since the advent of the internet, there are numerous sites that offer free tutorials on how to do almost anything in the world, including how to build your own concrete driveway on your own. While most of them have the right context, they fall short of minor details that have major implications on the end results. Most tutorials are made to be short and precise and most viewers don’t like watching a 30 minute video showing them how to do or perfect a skill. For this reason, some crucial details like accounting for the soil profile while laying down the concrete may be left out. No matter how short your driveway stretch is, doing the concrete paving by yourself isn’t a wise decision. The importance of seeking professional services from hands-on concrete driveway contractors cannot be stressed enough.

Online tutorials aside, there are contractor firms that advertise themselves, claiming they are the best in the industry while in reality, the complete opposite is true. The repercussion of outsourcing unprofessional driveway contractor services is a complete wastage of your time, money and resources. It is, therefore, paramount that you seek professional and qualified concrete driveway contractors to do the job right. A properly installed concrete driveway should comfortably offer at least 15 – 20 years of service before any major repairs need to be done. Go wrong on outsourcing a concrete driveway contractor, and the overall repair and maintenance costs will skyrocket to almost double the initial installation price.

While there are misinformed or inadequate online tutorials and unqualified concrete driveway contractors on the internet, there are legit ones. We have compiled for you a comprehensive piece of where to best source for the right concrete driveway contractor for your project.


Industry and state directories are the one place that you can’t go wrong. Licensed and qualified contractors of all cadres are listed under renowned state directories like The Yellow Pages. Such state or industry directories only list legit companies that have undergone thorough background checks. For a concrete driveway contractor to be listed under such directory, they have to maintain a certain level of professionalism. Other industry directories from which you can find qualified, and sufficiently trained concrete driveway contractors include the Industrial Quick Search Directory and Home Advisor.

The Internet

The internet has its perks and downside. However, there are guidelines to help you get the right concrete driveway contractor for your project. First and foremost, search engines provide silent tips on which concrete driveway contractor firms are the best. Without getting too scholarly, websites of legitimate business contractors are visited more frequently compared to those whose services are below bar. You should aim to seek concrete driveway contractor from firms whose websites are ranked among the first page on the search results.

Moreover, giant internet search engines like Google and Bing offer legitimate business local results based on your search location. Such local business results only provide information by recognized businesses. For this reason, legit and dependable local concrete driveway contractors displayed from search results are often licensed, bonded and dependable.


Referrals from fellow friends, family, acquaintances, and neighbors are another legit source for you to find the right concrete driveway contractor for your project. Seeing is believing, and good workmanship always speaks for itself. A simple gesture like walking up to your neighbor and inquiring as to which concrete driveway contractor s/he used could be the key to getting your dream concrete driveway. Also, ensure to ask as many questions as you can concerning the quality of service, as experienced first-hand by the neighbor. Face to face conversations are a great way to get information. And that’s because you can acquire non-verbal cues from the person. Also, do a thorough background check on the concrete driveway contractors after you get all the relevant information about them. Don’t just blindly follow the information you’re given.

Reviews and rating websites

Professional and legit review and rating websites are also a good source of finding the right concrete driveway contractor for your project. One must, however, be careful to only trust unbiased review companies. Some review companies get paid by unqualified concrete driveway contractors to post five-star reviews for their services. You should seek the right concrete driveway contractor for your project via trusted reviews and rating websites like Better Business Bureau (BBB), Yelp, and ProMatcher. Such sites provide information on the legal registration numbers the contracting firm is registered under with the regulatory bodies in the said county or state. Remember, state regulatory bodies only register legit Concrete driveway contractors near you.