How To Find The Perfect Carpet Installer For Your Space


A carpet is among the most expensive investments in a home. If the carpet is wrongly installed, not only will it not look good, but it will also get damaged quickly. Whether you are installing a new carpet, replacing a damaged carpet or repairing your carpet, you should only hire the best carpet installer in your area.

So, how do you find a good carpet installer? Read on to find out.

Search carpet installers near you

The first step is searching for installers in your locality. Hiring carpet installers that operate out of your state will cost more. You can simply search carpet contractors. Also, you can use our carpet installers listings. It is easy to use. All you have to do is to select your state, and from the drop-down menu select your county. And, just like that, you have a list of all the carpet installers in your area.

Carpet sellers have in-house carpet installers. It is a good idea to hire these installers. When the installation job does not go well, at least you can go and complain to the carpet seller, and, in the interest of protecting their reputation, they will fix the problem fast.

Research their reputation

After finding installers in your area, it is time to sift the good installers from the bad installers. You do this by performing a background research. Here you are looking for those companies with good reputation. One way of searching a contractor’s reputation is by searching their reviews on consumer review sites such as Yelp, BBB, and Consumer Affairs.

Another way is by directly going to the company and requesting referrals. A good carpeting contractor will be more than willing to give you the contacts of their previous customers. When talking to the previous customers ask about the quality of services provided, how long the carpet installation took, and if they have any regrets.

Check their experience

An experience carpet installer is more likely to do a good job that a startup carpet installer. Go for installers with more than 10 years of experience.

But, the number of years in the business should not be the only consideration. Ask what experience they have. Carpet installers have different levels of expertise. Some installers are experienced in new home construction, others in remodeling, others in high-end homes, and others in property management.

The difference here is that those who perform carpet installation in rental apartments do not have as much experience as those involved in new home construction or remodeling jobs. Carpets installed in rental properties are often of lower quality and have fewer technicalities, such as stairs.

Ask to see their portfolio. If you do not see your type of house or carpet in their portfolio, it might be best to find another installer.

Check certification

Certifications inspire confidence. It offers some proof that the installer knows what they are doing.

Several institutions issue carpeting certification on completion of their courses. In the flooring industry, the most recognized certification is one from Certified Flooring Installers (CFI). To find installers with this certification near you.

IICRC also offers training and certifies carpet repair and reinstallation technicians. Ask if the contractor’s technicians have this certification.

Check their licensing

In some states, carpet and floor contractors have to be licensed to operate. Licenses are given after passing some exams, thereby proving a certain level of competency in the floor and carpet industry. States licensing boards issue the exam or rely on the certifications mentioned above. To check the contractor’s license requirements for each state, visit this page.

Find out if you can afford them

At this point, you have narrowed down the list of installers near you. You are now left with licensed, certified, reputable, and contractors experienced in the carpet job you have. It is time to find out the cost of installation.

Contact the carpet installers and request a quote. They will send estimators for a more precise quote.

Confirm they will be available when you need them

After getting quotes, you now have a good idea of the carpet installation contractor you want to work with. Contact them to book their services. Often, good contractors are busy, and may not be available when you need them. It is worth waiting, but if you can’t, book the services of another contractor that made it to the step of requesting quotes.

On this page, we help you find carpet installers in your locality. But it is your job to choose the perfect one for your carpet installation project.