How To Find The Best Carpet Cleaners In The Market

You are here because you know, or have just realized, finding a great carpet cleaning company is not easy. There are a lot of carpet cleaning companies in the market. Of course, all promise to deliver quality services. Unfortunately, some will do a shoddy work leaving you frustrated considering the amount of money you paid. But you can relax now as we will help you find a professional carpet cleaner near you.


So, is there really a way of finding a good carpet cleaner? Yes. We have done a great deal of research into this matter. And, here is what we recommend you do to find a great carpet cleaner.

Step 1: Understand the carpet cleaning process

It is important that you understand the carpet cleaning process. When looking for a carpet cleaning company, you should ask how they clean carpets. These are the minimum steps involved in professional carpet cleaning;

  • Dry soil removal. Dry soil is removed by vacuuming.
  • Soil suspension. A pre-treatment agent is applied to the carpet to loosen dirt and soil from the fiber. After application of the chemical, heat is used to accelerate the chemical reactions. Then the fibers are agitated to distribute the chemicals. A set amount of time is allowed for the reaction to complete.
  • Soil extraction. Hot water is used to extract soil and all other kinds of dirt in the carpet. Here steam cleaners are used.
  • Grooming. The carpet is groomed to reduce tangling, which causes uneven distribution of cleaning agents during soil extraction.
  • Drying. Finally, the carpet is allowed to dry. Air movers and ceiling fans are used to speed up the drying process. A carpet should dry in eight hours.

Step 2: Look for IICRC certified carpet cleaning companies

Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification is the body that ensures quality standards in the carpet cleaning industry. IICRC certified companies have gone through austere training to ascertain that their cleaning methods meet industry standards. The organization revises the certification after five years to make sure their members are up to date with the latest cleaning methods. Any carpet cleaning company worth your time should have an IICRC certification and should be ready to provide proof.

Step 3: Research the reputation of top cleaning companies in your area

Certification is not everything. You should only consider companies with experience and good reputation. Good reputation represents the provider’s ability to deliver quality services, in a timely and professional manner.

One way of determining the reputation of a company is asking family and friends. Another way is visiting consumer review websites such as Yelp and Consumer Affairs. Also, most reputable and legitimate businesses are listed in Better Business Bureau.

Step 4: Get quotes from top the cleaning companies

Identifying 3 to 5 top carpet cleaning companies in your area that are experienced and certified. Then request quotes from these companies. No matter how good a company is, it will never be able to provide an exact quote via phone or online submission forms. For an exact quote, the company needs to know the exact carpet area they will clean. Few home owners know the exact area their carpets cover.

Let’s assume you were able to provide the exact carpet area. For an exact quote, the company also needs to know;

  • The type of carpet. Some carpets are harder to clean than others.
  • The extent of soiling. Provide details as to the amount of soiling on the carpet. Of course, a carpet that has not be cleaned for five years is harder to clean than a carpet that was cleaned six months ago.
  • Furniture to be moved. If there is not much furniture to be moved, most companies will not add this to the quote. But if they are to move heavy pieces of furniture and a staircase is involved, they will cost that labor.

Step 5: Call to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment

You have confirmed certified that a certain company is certified, reputable and experienced enough to deliver quality services. You are even satisfied with the quote and the company’s pricing. Now it is time to call to schedule an appointment. Most top companies are busy, so bear with them if their services are not available when you need them. If you are not satisfied with their scheduling you can always find another good company using the steps outlined above.

Carpet cleaning companies near you

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