How to Find Licensed General Contractors

Anyone thinking about hiring a general contractor for a project needs to know just how important it is that they are licensed to do work in the state or country that you live in. It’s a real mistake hiring a contractor that isn’t licensed because this puts you and your project at risk. Take a few moments when first meeting a new contractor to verify his or her license so that you can move on and decide if you want to work with them or not.

The Importance of a Licensed Contractor

There are specific requirements in place to receive licensing in any state as a contractor. This includes obtaining the necessary insurance and sometimes bonding. That means that a licensed contractor is covered in case they make a mistake and cause damage to your property.



When you hire a licensed contractor, you know that they have training and that they are covered for the work that they do. That means you’re covered for the work that they do, which is important for anyone with a construction project.

Ask the Contractor

When first meeting with a general contractor ask them if they are licensed. Generally, the response will be “Of Course” and they will show you the license for proof. Good contractors carry a license around with them, especially when meeting with new clients. It takes work and money to get licensed and contractors use this to get them jobs. If the contractor doesn’t seem sure, or says that they are not, you should move on to someone else that is licensed instead.

Check with the Licensing Board

Before agreeing to work with any contractor it’s important to double check that they really have a license. The contractor should be able to provide you with a license number that you can use to check them out. Take the number and check it at the state licensing board. Find out if the contractor you spoke with has a valid license. It doesn’t take long to do this, and many License boards even have a tool allowing you to do just that. Use the tool, check out the contractor and only work with the licensed ones while moving on from the rest.

A good licensed general contractor is more reliable, more well trained and safer to use than an unlicensed one is. You’ll be protected from the work that they perform and you can remain confident that you’re going to get the coverage that you need for good results from that contractor. Don’t hire anyone without a license, and don’t just take a contractor’s word that they are licensed. Check it out yourself first just to be safe.