How to Choose a Site for a Water Well

Hydrogeology is one of the biggest words that is used when it comes to digging and finding a site for the water well to go. When it comes to choosing a site, you may not want to do this on your own, since you need to make sure that where the well goes, there is going to be an adequate water supply. Generally, the professionals that are digging the water are going to be the ones that choose the best possible site for the well to go in at.

Notes to Keep in Mind

When choosing a place for the well, there are some specifics that must be kept in mind, since these are rules and regulations that are put out there for all to use.

  • The well must be a decent amount of feet away from any latrines or areas where human feces may contaminate the water from the well. When the two mix, it would be bad for those involved.
  • The water drill must be able to penetrate the ground below, so it is important to think about where the digging is going to be done.
  • The water well should not be so far away from the home or structure that the piping to the home is going to be outrageous and cost a lot and work a lot to get to the structure.
  • Choosing the most convenient site is the best way to go, that is right outside of the door, easy to locate and easy to work with.
  • Consider the way that the water is moving under the ground, since this is going to determine how well your pump is going to be able to pick the water up and put it through your pipes.

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