How to Care for Wooden Floors and Trim in the Winter

Asphalt has many applications including constructing pavements, parking lots, and roads. Therefore, the services of asphalt contractors are sought by homeowners, commercial clients, and municipalities. Building engineers prefer asphalt for many reasons, the main one being its durability. But, before you hire an asphalt contractor, you need to know what services they provide.

Caring for the wooden floors and trim throughout a home is essential when you want to keep them in the best shape possible. To make sure that the floor and other wooden surfaces are not going to get ruined, especially in the winter months, make sure to keep these few key tips in mind. Your wooden floors and trim will thank you in the long run.

Do Not Allow Wet Shoes Inside

Wet shoes should never be allowed inside and to sit on the floor or up against the trim. This will hold the moisture inside the wood and cause it to warp and crack. You do not want rotten floor boards or trim around the home so leave the shoes outside, on a rug or mat or in a room that has tile or linoleum on the floor and not wood.


Make Sure to Wipe Up Wetness As Soon As Possible

When water lands on the floor of the wood, no matter where it came from, it is important to make sure that it is wiped up in a timely manner. This is because you do not want to worry about the water seeping into the cracks and crevices of the wood and causing it to break down and rot with time. The same goes for the condensation found on wooden windowsills and pieces of trim!


Add Sealant to the Tops of the Floors and Trim

Any wood around the home such as the floors, trim and wooden window sills should be sealed using a protective sealant solution. This provides a protective coating or outer layer to the wood so that water or other damaging products that encounter it do not ruin it.

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