How to Avoid Scams from AC Contractors

Scams happen everywhere and often they’re done by people dressed up looking to help ‘service’ something in your home. Whether they’re contractors working on the AC, heat, roof or any other part of the home, it is important to spot the scam before it is too late. Here are some of the ways you can avoid scams and find the ideal AC contractor to work with in your area.

Never Door-to-Door

AC contractors will never go door-to-door looking for work from homes or companies. They will provide their information in many forms, but never come looking for work. You should actively search them out if you’re in need of their assistance. A lot of times those knocking on your door asking for work are not professionals and will not do a good job. Sometimes, they may even be looking for homes to rob.



They Have Credentials

Professional AC contractors always have credentials and ways to prove it. Whether you look them up online with organizations such as the AACP or they show you certifications, they have an actual building with more information, whatever it may be. Those that say they’re an AC contractor and are looking to scam you will have none of these credentials and no way of showing you any proof of them, even if they say they have them.

No Contract, No Deal

If you’re working with a contractor on a large project. Perhaps they’re putting new central air throughout your home, they’re going to work off paperwork. If there is no contract then there should be no deal. This is something worth thinking about. If they want to work off good faith, then they’re not the best company to use for the job.

They Want Money Up Front

Before even looking at anything, or perhaps right after, they ask you for all the money for an expensive project up front. This is a clear red flag that says you shouldn’t work with them. They’re most likely not going to do the work and you might never hear from them again. You want to always think about what you’re giving anyone. Professionals may ask for a small percentage up front, do the work then ask for the rest. The work is also covered under a contract.

There Was a Problem

When most of the work is done, they will often find something else that is wrong with the system and will tell you they need more parts or that you must have something else serviced. This causes them to charge you much more money than originally agreed upon. This is something that shouldn’t happen but unfortunately, with unscrupulous people, they will work to take advantage of people they feel have money or that they can con out of money easily. Never agree to have a service provided unless you have a guarantee that the original estimate is all-inclusive so they cannot add on charges once the work is almost complete.

Speak with a professional AC contractor today to find out how they can come out and give you a free estimate for the work that needs to be done. Be sure to check with the ACCA, the Indoor Environment & Energy Efficient Association to find information on not only AC contractors, but on energy efficient units and how to maintain an efficient home.