How General Contractors Are Using Technology to Enhance Home Building

In case you haven’t noticed in the last few years, technology has made huge leaps and is now being used in a wide array of industries worldwide. This includes the construction industry and general contractors are now using technology to fine tune their work and to better serve their customers.


How general contractors are using technology to enhance home building


Technology in the residential construction industry has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years and it is visible in the various equipment that contractors use in their day to day work. Technology is, essentially, changing the way that home building and remodeling jobs are handled. From being able to handle tasks quicker to helping make a home safer for those who live I it, let’s see just how technology affects the industry.

Employee Tracking and Data

We all use our smart phones to keep track of daily posts to social media or to watch videos or keep in touch with friends. In the construction industry, mobile phones are now being used to track when employees clock in, go to lunch or clock out. This helps companies validate what they pay their employees and it also helps ensure that workers on clocked in to complete projects on time. For a general contractor, having everything completed on time means they get paid what they agreed on and it also helps maintain a positive reputation in the local community where they work and live.

Home Inspectors

All new home construction must have a physical inspection before the buyer can move in. Most lenders require a good inspection report before they will guarantee a home loan. The home inspector must come to the home and complete a walk-through and show that the home has passed the inspection or the lender may not approve the property for a loan. Inspectors now use mobile technology to help speed the process of downloading reports and getting them to the lender quickly to help speed things up. They also use tools to check for radon and carbon monoxide as well as infrared technology to check for signs of moisture inside walls or crawl spaces.

Home Security

A general contractor can build your home and they can remodel your kitchen, but once their work is finished, it is up to the home owner to put security in place to keep the new work safe from vandals or burglars. Home security has taken huge steps to utilize modern technology with mobile phones and tablets. Homeowners can now use their mobile devices to check security camera footage, answer the phone or even the door when they are not at home with the push of a button on their phone and even check their heating or cooling to make sure they are off when no one is home. Technology is also used to check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors while no one is home. Alerts can be sent directly to the homeowner’s phone. Many contractors now use this security service to keep track of inventory during a home remodel or build and they can check cameras when they are off duty to make sure materials are safe and that no one has been goofing off while on the clock.

Technology is constantly being upgraded and even in the construction industry, new apps and tools for general contractors are popping up all the time. In the next decade, it will be interesting to see what new ways technology will be used to help in the home building and remodeling industry.

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