How Air Conditioners Work

Air conditioners have become an essential part of everyday life now. Long ago, AC units didn’t exist, yet now we use them to cool down any space in any structure. Due to the advancement in technology, these units have come a long way to not only provide the necessary cool air throughout the home but they can also reduce energy bills when you own an energy efficient model. Learning a little about how an air conditioning unit works can provide you with some knowledge that may be necessary in case something goes wrong with unit. Working with a licensed contractor who has been certified through a national AC technician school is an ideal way of gaining knowledge on how your AC unit works and the best way to keep it well maintained throughout the year.



A Brief Air Conditioning History

The principle of air conditioners was thought of back in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier. He was a young electrical engineer at the time and wanted to solve the humidity problem inside a publishing company’s building in Brooklyn, NY. Due to the humidity inside the room, the printing process was slowed down. The paper would become damp, causing the ink to not print onto the paper or run off the papers. To treat the air in the room, Carrier ran the air through chilled pipes and then back into the room. This allowed the humidity and temperature of the room to decrease, making the printing process able to be done again.

Air Conditioning Now

Air conditioning units are closely related to refrigerators in the way that they work. With the same processes, the fridge cools down the food and drinks inside while the AC unit cools down rooms at a time, making them more comfortable.

Air conditioners use chemicals that are placed inside them that work to convert gasses into a liquid then back again. The chemical is then used to transfer the heat from the air inside the home to the outside air. This then recycles the hot air into cool air inside the home. This process is done through the chemical reaction, but also through the three main components of an AC unit – the condenser, evaporator and compressor.

When this process is done, it also removes the humidity that can be found in the air. This helps to dry the area out, cool it down and make it comfortable for everyone that is going to be using the space.

The size of the unit needed depends on the size of the space that needs to be cooled. There are forced air options that are used for central air throughout an entire house with sizes ranging depending on the square footage. Small window units are also chosen to cool down smaller areas, offices or rooms. Each of these works in the same manner to take the hot air inside, run it through to the outside and turn it into cool air that comes back into the space.

If something is wrong with the AC unit in your home, speaking with a qualified professional air conditioning contractor is highly recommended. They can provide you with a free quote to have the issues resolved. Don’t be caught in the hot summer sun without the use of an AC unit to cool the space down.