Hiring an Architect for a Home Remodel

Home remodels can be big or small projects and many times you can simplify the task by hiring out an architect to help you. Hiring an architect isn’t as easy or simple as you might think though. There are steps involved to get the task done. Read on to learn how you hire a contractor for a home remodel, and you’ll be ready to hire one for your next major project.

Knowing What You Want

Before you worry about hiring an architect for your remodel you need to have a good idea of the type of remodel that you want for your home. It’s okay not to know every detail of the remodel, because the architect can help you plan it out a bit, but you should have a pretty clear picture of what you want.



If you aren’t sure, take the time to visit model homes, to look through design magazines and to consider your options until you do have a pretty good idea of what you want. Then you can move ahead with the designing phase.

Do You Need an Architect?

Consider the complexity of your project when deciding whether or not you need an architect for a home remodel. If you just want to knock down a wall or two, or change the size of the deck out back, you likely don’t even need an architect and could just skip ahead and get a general contractor. If you have a more complex project like a full kitchen remodel, or you want to seriously alter the structure of your home, you’ll probably be well-served by a talented architect.

The Benefits of an Architect

Architects are a valuable asset to complicated projects because these professionals help push the projects in the right direction and simplify the steps necessary to complete the remodel. Architects create a big picture design and explain to the contractor and the laborers how to make that design come true. When you hire an architect, you’re ensuring that your home gets redone properly and that you’ll end up with a design that you actually like. That’s not always the case when you just hire a contractor for a major project.

Finding the Right Professional

Take your time and talk with many different local architects in your area. Research providers that are available and give them a call to speak about your project. Head in to meet the most highly rated contractors that are responsive to your project and talk about it in more detail. Once you’ve spoken with a few architects talk about fees and how much the project is likely to cost you when the design phase gets started. Make sure you’re willing to pay the proposed fees before hiring the architect. The American Institute of Architects can help you find other sources of architects to broaden your search a bit more.

Read Over the Contract

After you decide to work with an architect they will most likely give you a contract to sign for the project. This helps guarantee they will be paid for the work done. Read this contract closely, and have a lawyer look it over if at all possible. Make sure you understand it completely and that you are okay with the terms before signing.

Plan the Remodel

Now that you’ve hired an architect enjoy the new ideas and designs that he or she comes up with, but make sure that you put in your input to the project as well so the finished idea ends up the way that you want it. This is an exciting process, but it can also be an overwhelming one. Make sure that you are only hiring an architect when you need one, and that you’re hiring a high-quality professional to work with.

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