Grinding concrete gives it a unique texture or enhances its smoothness depending on how it’s done. Many people desire the rougher texture for improved grip that works especially well on stairs, bridges and walkways where slipping is a real problem. We specialize in grinding concrete and offer this service to both homeowners and businesses. If you want your concrete modified, we have the tools and equipment to get the job done quickly and effectively.

How it’s Done

Grinding concrete is a simple task when you have the proper tools to do the job. Special machines score the surface of the concrete with hard discs or spinning wheels. Some machines create a mirror like smooth finish, and others will create specific grooves in the material designed to enhance your grip while walking over the surface.

A Nice Smooth Finish

Standard concrete often has some imperfections when it’s complete, leaving a less than desirable look in a commercial setting. If you want a nicer finish that people are going to enjoy walking on more, and that equipment is going to roll over nicely, consider having it ground down. When concrete becomes ground during the use of a specialized disc machine, it takes on an incredibly smooth finish that is more desirable.

Gripping Texture

We can also offer a grip-enhancing texture through grinding techniques, or through special stenciling tools before the concrete is hardened. It’s faster to stencil fresh concrete, but a grind will work on solid concrete as well.

Level an Uneven Floor

If concrete was installed improperly or an unskilled worker put it in, you could end up with a surface that is uneven in some way. A good grinding expert can smooth out the entire surface of the floor to one constant level. They have the equipment to achieve a complete level around the material, and we can help level out your garage, your basement or a commercial floor.

Call us today to learn what concrete grinding services are available to you. You’ll be surprised at the positive affects we can achieve.