Geothermal heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways to cool or heat a building throughout the year. These systems are highly complex and are typically used to replace less efficient fuel-based or electric based units. If you want to put in a geothermal heat pump, you’ll need professional help to accomplish the installation. We’re experts on geothermal heat pumps, and can offer installation, repair and service help with the equipment.

Geothermal Pump Installation

Geothermal heat pumps are expensive and demanding to install, which is why it’s best left to professionals. Our team will dig holes for your in-ground lines to be put in. This portion of the project is known as “the loop” and it’s responsible for most of the heating and cooling action. The system will draw heat or dump heat within this loop. So, the larger your heating and cooling demands are, the larger the loop must be to function as needed.

Once the loop is installed in your land we’ll move on to installing all the heating and cooling components around your home. Most systems tie into existing ductwork if it’s already in place, making them more affordable than having to run new ducts around the home. We’ll get everything attached and operational so that you can begin enjoying efficient heating and cooling in your home.

System Replacement

Eventually a geothermal heat pump setup will need to be replaced. Parts will go bad over time and a few decades after installation you’ll want new lines put in and a new pump. We can swap new lines and a pump into your heating and cooling setup to get it running like new once again. We can also switch out some parts of the system without changing the whole system out. For instance, we could replace the pump without changing out the lines if necessary.

Maintenance Help

Heat pumps require minimal maintenance, but there may be instances where parts need cleaning, refrigerant needs replacing and sections of the system needs to be replaced. Our technicians can perform all these maintenance tasks and many more. If you want your system to operate properly over time call us for help.