The garage door is what lets you get in and out, but when it is not working or you need to upgrade to a new one; someone that knows what they’re doing needs to get the job done. This can be something worth considering when the time comes. Why? Because you might not be able to repair or replace the door that is currently there. Garage door installation and replacement contractors are available for this type of work, no matter where you are living. This is who you’d call to get the help that you need for all your garage door needs.

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Garage doors are present on more than two-thirds of American homes. Chances are that, if you’re a homeowner, you’re going to have to replace some part of your garage door system eventually. They go through a lot of wear – if you open and close your garage door an average of 4 times per day, your system will have gone through 7,300 up-and-down cycles in just 5 years.

If your garage door is unreliable, seems like it may be on the verge of breaking down, or has any major mechanical issues, you should hire a garage door contractor right away. A falling garage door can be very dangerous to both your family and your property. Garage doors are responsible for 20,000-30,000 injuries per year, as well as dozens of deaths.

To avoid any potential hazards at your home, you should get in touch with a qualified garage door contractor as soon as you notice a potential issue with your garage door – such as slow opening, excessive creaking and noises, and inconsistent operation. A garage door inspection is usually under $100, and can ensure that you get the repairs and other services you need to keep your door functioning properly.


Understanding Licensing Requirements For Garage Door Contractors

Unfortunately, there is no consistent licensing requirement for garage door contractors in every state. Some states, like North Carolina, do not require any kind of license. Others, like Maryland, require contractors to have a home improvement commission license. This will vary based on your state. To find out if a license is required in your area, we recommend contacting your state or local licensing board, or doing some research on Google.

Since licensing is not always required for garage door contractors in every state, it’s important to do your research when looking for garage door repair and replacement specialists. If possible, look for contractors who have been certified by a governing body like the DHI or the Institute of Door Dealer Education And Accreditation (IDEA).

In addition, make sure that you choose a garage door contractor who is bonded and insured. A bonded and insured contractor will carry insurance policies that eliminate your liability if something goes wrong on the job, and will also cover things like improper installation, damage to your property, and other such potential issues.

Common Issues That May Require A Garage Door Contractor

How do you know if you need a professional garage door contractor to change or fix your garage door? There are many common issues that may interfere with the safe and reliable operation of your garage door. A few of these problems include:

  • A stuck door that won’t move when you use your opener
  • A door that’s been bent due to an accident, like backing your car into your garage door
  • Door springs that are look obviously rusted, bent or damaged
  • A garage door that’s uneven while resting either while open or closed
  • A garage door that is opening and closing very slowly
  • Imbalanced rollers causing vibrations and loud noises
  • A broken garage door pulley
  • Loud grinding noises that sound abnormal, potentially indicating a failing opener

Basically, if you notice anything that’s out-of-the-ordinary with your garage door – whether it won’t open, it’s operating slowly, or is just making strange noises that seem “off,” you should contact a professional garage door contractor.

There are many different important components that make up the garage door system, and a professional garage door contractor will have the skills and experience to check out all of these systems, and diagnose the issue with your garage door quickly.


Garage Door Contractor Services

Wondering what kinds of services are usually offered by garage door contractors in your area? Here are just a few of the services that contractors typically offer.

  • Garage door inspections and maintenance – Think that something is wrong with your garage door, or just need a yearly maintenance inspection to prevent premature wear & tear and mechanical issues? Garage door contractors specialize in maintaining and inspection garage doors to ensure that they’re safe and operating properly.

  • Garage door troubleshooting and repairs – Garage door won’t open? Got a stuck door, or a door that won’t close all the way? A garage door contractor can troubleshoot the problem, get to the root of the issue, and recommend repairs that will resolve the problem and ensure your garage door is fully operational.

  • Garage door replacements – If your garage door itself is damaged, worn out, or you’d simply like to replace it with a more attractive door, garage door contractors can take care of the entire process.

  • Garage door opener replacement – The garage door opener is the mechanical element that’s responsible for raising and lowering your garage door. They usually last 10-15 years before they must be replaced. Often, your opener can be replaced without having to replace other elements of your door, like the rollers, springs and the door itself.

  • Safety & equipment upgrades – Looking to enhance safety in your garage? You can install motion/object detection sensors to prevent your door from closing on cars, objects in your garage, pets, and kids. Garage door keypads also allow you to open and close your garage without an opener, and provide more versatility. Some modern garage doors even have “smart” openers that support smartphone apps – so you can open and close your garage from just about anywhere.


Common Types Of Garage Doors & Materials

There are a few different common types of garage doors in use today. This includes:


  • Roll-up garage doors – This is, by far, the most popular style. Roll-up garage doors are made of multiple segments, which roll up like a curtain shade.

  • Swing-up garage doors – These are more common in older homes. The door tilts backward into the interior of the garage, then lifts toward the roof of the garage.

  • Sliding garage doors – Sliding garage doors slide into the wall itself when opened. They may split apart and slide into both sides of your garage, or may simply slide in one direction. Like roll-up garage doors, they’re usually segmented.

  • Swing-out garage doors – This type of door opens toward the exterior of your garage, then they slide back into the interior of the garage.

There are also a few different types of materials that are often used for garage doors.

  • Steel – Steel is very inexpensive and popular, but provides very little insulation for your garage, and it can be susceptible to corrosion over time.

  • Vinyl – Vinyl is also very affordable, and it’s more durable than steel, since it doesn’t corrode or rust. It’s also quite lightweight, and provides better insulation.

  • Wood composite – Wood composite is an engineered wood, usually made of wood fibers bonded with a special resin. They have a wood-like appearance, but are usually much less expensive.

  • Custom wood – Wood garage doors look beautiful, but can be very expensive depending on the type of wood used. They also often must be made to your custom specifications, unlike standard-sized garage doors.

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